About Us

Welcome! We’re Russ and Kerry and in 2018 we sold everything, bought a Little Guy Max travel trailer and decided to live, work and travel on the road along with our two dogs, Abbey and Billie.

This is our story.

We met in 1991 while we were both in training with the USAF and six short weeks was all it took before we got married! 27+ years and two children later, we found ourselves as empty-nesters.

During a roadtrip to visit our daughter in California, we passed an RV. The conversation started with how convenient it would be to travel with the dogs if we had one rather than trying to find hotels that would accommodate us and pay the ridiculous fees. For inspiration, we started listening to podcasts for the remainder of the trip home.

By the time we got home, we were hooked. It just felt right. For many months, Russ had been having health issues and he seemed to only feel better when we would take our road trips. He was having issues with anxiety and stress and so we started thinking “why can’t we do our work on the road?”

Yes, it would take some adjustments but it was possible. Over the course of 6 months, we researched what type of rig would suit us best. We spent weekend after weekend visiting and revisiting dealerships. In the end, the Little Guy Max was it for us!

It took several months for us to downsize, but rather than focusing on what we were giving up, we focused on what we would be gaining and the process became much easier.

We get a lot of puzzled looks when we tell people we are living full-time in our Max. It has everything we need and it allows us to go a lot of places the bigger rigs just can’t get to. It has been a big adjustment and we are still learning along the way. The people that we have met since starting this journey – through our videos, at campgrounds etc have been amazing.

So if you see us sometime during your travels, stop us and say hello!