Q & A Tuesday

It’s Q & A Tuesday! Every week we answer your questions about living in our Little Guy Max. This week we cover:

**Catching up with your videos and not sure if you already covered this topic, but, do you use an RV specific GPS? I reached a point where I decided to buy one. Wondering what’s your opinion on this topic. – Submitted via YouTube by Luis Outside

**Great Harvest Host how to video guys! I subscribed a while back and haven’t used it yet. I think it is a valuable tool for those like you that travel from spot to spot verses me who goes out on weekends. – Submitted via YouTube by Randi’s Adventures

**hi I think we saw you at our koa campground. drive safe and keep up the good work – Submitted via YouTube by Proceeding Onward in America POA

**Did you ever think about installing those airplane push-button handles on the cabinets? – Submitted via YouTube by Raeleen Debuhr

**Speaking of camper cooking….water conservation is always a must boondocking. How do you manage to wash produce in a conservative way? – Submitted via YouTube by Donald Morgan

Fruit/Vegetable Wash Spray

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2 thoughts on “Q & A Tuesday”

  1. Can you tell me where you got the adjustable hardware that you used in replacing the stock table in your little guy. I have te same problem in my 2018 little guy and would like to switch it out

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