Utility usage in the Little Guy Max

Vlog 68 – Utility Usage in the Little Guy Max

As we get more comfortable in the Little Guy Max, we are starting to test how long we can go using each of the various components (ie, water, propane, solar, tanks). Here is what we found:

Propane: 1 week with heavy use. We used the furnace heavily during a week with temperatures that dipped below 40 degrees each night. In addition, we used the propane for the fridge and stovetop.

Solar: Still working on testing it to its fullest, but we have successfully gone 3 days without having to run a generator or plug in. We have the 100 Watt solar panel on our Little Guy Max and it was enough to provide lights for the evening, engage the water pump, run the radio and kick the furnace on/off.

Water: We filled the tank and have gone 3 days and only used about half of what was in the tank. We were employing strict water conservation (did not run the shower) and limited water while washing dishes & cooking. If employing the same methods, we feel we could go a week.

Black & Gray tanks: We just wrapped up a full week before having to dump the tanks. This is with 2 people using the unit. Again – the shower was not used during this test.

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2 thoughts on “Utility usage in the Little Guy Max”

  1. When we were in Alabama, someone else had told us about heating via plug in vs propane and we had that “why didn’t we think of that” moment! We only just recently started using propane even while hooked up just so we could figure out how long a tank would last us before we attempt true boondocking out on BLM land out west. The info that you mention on the lithium batteries is incredibly helpful! You are right – this IS the life!!! 🙂

  2. We found out thru boondocking vs hook ups, if we are at a hook up spot, it’s better to plug in vs propane or battery. When boondocking, we get at least 2 more days worth out of our battery (with solar), since we switch to lthium batteries. They hold a much longer charge. We live your blog and are rooting for you guys 😁 this is the life!

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