Rule #1 – always keep a gas can …with gas in it.

This week on our Little Guy Max Adventures: Travel with us as we explore two New Mexico state parks, traverse windstorms in West Texas, run out of gas and are stranded on the side of the road, we stop in and visit our Little Guy Max dealer and get a peek at Russ at his “day job”!

Exploring Brantley State Park’s primitive sites

We begin our week wrapping up our time in Brantley State Park, just outside of Carlsbad NM. We came upon the ‘primitive’ campsite area and realized with our NM State Park pass, we could have been right on the water – for free!! Definitely plan on checking out more primitive sites at state parks in the future!

On to El Paso – almost!

Moving on to El Paso, TX we encountered a windstorm and drove right into 50mph+ gusts for the entire 130 mile trip. We have done this trip many times before (towing our Little Guy Max) and have always been fine. We even filled up just as we left Carlsbad. This time, however, we just didn’t make it. 1.9 miles from the nearest gas station we broke down! Tune in to see who rescues us!

While in El Paso, get a glimpse of Russ at work. Many people ask us how we afford our life as nomads….this is part of it. Russ makes product videos and oversees social media development!

Also while we were in the area, we stop in to see Brent Smith, from Holiday World. Brent sold us our Little Guy Max and we wanted to stop in and say “hello”!

Where to next….

Our destination for the end of this week is City of Rocks State Park in NM. We are still mesmerized by the landscape and are still locating all of the cool spots that are tucked in and among the rocks. We take a drive through the park to give you a good idea of this amazing location which has already become one of our favorite parks!

What are you waiting for? Come roam the roads with us!

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  1. Love the City of Rock campground… will have to check that out someday. Glad y’all Were able to get gas when you ran out and continue on your journey.

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