RV Movie Review Monday: “Winnebago Man” Documentary

Ever hear that phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover”? There is definitely more to the story than what you might think as we review this week’s documentary “Winnebago Man”.

Who is the Winnebago Man?

In the late 80’s, Jack Rebney filmed promotional videos for Winnebago’s new line. His crew kept Jack’s colorful outtakes and compiled them into a video that has become a bit of a legend.

Years later a young filmmaker, Ben Steinbauer, wonders about the man behind the clips. Where is Jack now? What happened to him after the Winnebago outtakes? Is he aware of his legendary status?

Ben finds what he was searching for…

Ben finds Jack sequestered away in northern California. Initially, the Jack that Ben interviews is nothing like what Ben expected. That all changes and over the course of three years, not only do we find out more about Jack, but Jack finds out more about himself and his assumptions about people.

This documentary starts off with a story about someone legendary in the RV community (and beyond), but it is also a really a great human piece. As a bonus, you get to see footage from some really cool RVs from the 80’s!!!

We enjoyed this documentary, you should check it out!

Winnebago Man YouTube clips (outtakes contain profanity)


Run Time: 85 minutes
Date of Release: July 9, 2010
Director: Ben Steinbauer

NOTE: A lot of graphic language

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