A day in the life in our Little Guy Max

A typical day living in our Little Guy Max!


Each morning, Abbey will wake up whomever is sleeping on the outside of the bed with her sweet kisses. They are a polite way of telling us, “hey, take me outside”! Moving around in our Little Guy Max can be a bit challenging. We tackle this by diving and conquering. Russ will throw on some shoes and take the dogs out for their morning breaks. And I will get started on converting dinette (aka Abbey’s bed) back to our work-space for the day.

Over the course of the last four months, a task that was always a headache was making the bed. We finally figured out a way to make it much easier. We take one of the extra quilts which we had trouble finding storage space for anyway and cover the mattress with it. Each night, we put the sheets and other blankets on top of the “base” quilt. And in the mornings, we simply fold them back up and put them away and straighten the base quilt with a few strategic tucks. Done!

This morning, Russ opts for a ‘wipey’ bath while I take advantage of the fantastic shower in our Little Guy Max. When we first started, we would opt for the public showers at the campgrounds whenever possible. Partly because it took us a full two months before we even figured out how to turn the water heater on! Another reason is because of the size of the tank. We do not have a very large grey tank. So we do have to be aware of how much we are using. Especially when we are not hooked up to any sewer for a period of time.

We typically have a light breakfast and then get right to work. You can’t really see the view out of our window in the video. But, I have honestly never worked anywhere with views as good as what we get traveling in our Little Guy Max. It’s just good for the soul.


Before lunch we head into town where we can take advantage of some free fast high-speed internet to upload our videos. We do have a jetpack from Verizon with an unlimited plan, but we do get throttled after we hit a certain amount. The throttling doesn’t affect most of what we do, but when we have to upload a new video, we need to seek alternate sources…..as you can see, Russ doesn’t mind going to McDonald’s for this task!

We come back and have lunch and then take the dogs out to explore for a bit. City of Rocks State Park is heaven for Abbey as she darted in and out of all the rocks. We strapped a GoPro to her and give you a quick glimpse of things from her perspective in the video.

After the walk, we settle down for more work for several hours.


The Little Guy Max does not have an oven, but we don’t really miss it now that we have an InstantPot. Tonight we made a full roaster chicken (which provides us several days of meals) with carrots and mashed potatoes. Russ actually tried to step in and help and finds out what “ne pas toucher” means!!

After cleaning the dishes our evening routine is pretty similar to the morning. Russ takes the dogs out while I take down the dinette and set up our bed area. By the time Russ gets back we can relax, watch a movie or read a book for awhile.

Nothing exciting…but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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