Full-time RV Living Costs: Month 4 update

This month we started off in Tallahassee, Florida and traveled/made stops in Mississippi & Louisiana, spent some time in Texas (Livingston, Athens, Dallas, Milford, Waco, Abilene and Big Springs) and then moved on into New Mexico (Carlsbad, Anthony, City of Rocks and Elephant Butte). Whew! A busy month living in our Little Guy Max!

So what did it cost? See the breakdown below:
* Fuel $741.62
Lodging $390.25
Food $609.87
Misc : $1216.62
$13.54 propane refill
$45.58 laundry
$70 tools/equip (air filters, gloves, screwdriver & Russ’ lights)
$1078 transfer RV plates to TX
$9.50 replace stolen plates

Lodging breakdown:
27 campgrounds (4 Koa’s; 2 private; 21 state parks)
3 boondocking (2 Harvest Host; 1 highway rest stop)
1 moochdocking

The big one we were concerned about this month was food. If you watched last month’s review, we spent more than $1,100 on food/going out to eat. Our goal this month was to get to $600 – we came close! Making fewer stops for take-out food or going out to eat really made the biggest difference. It takes more planning, but definitely worth it!

We were also able to save quite a bit by using our New Mexico State Parks pass and camping in New Mexico. Each of our days spent in New Mexico only costs $4 for sites with partial hookups.

There is still room for improvement, but we’re getting there and feel that we are better positioned to create a viable budget moving forward. The first 3 months had so many unknown expenses and we had to get the ‘honeymoon phase’ out of our system. Month 4 was our first real step in the right direction. It should be interesting to see what next month will be!

Safe travels,

Russ & Kerry

*We are driving a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 and are towing a 2018 Little Guy Max

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