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This week we answer: WiFi on the road, water hoses, sway control, instantpots, finding places to stay and a recommendation on a tool to use on our trip Alaska!

How are you connected to Wifi? Computer-Wifi-Router in Campground? Do you use a JetPack by chance? 

We use Verizon and yes, we do have a jetpack with an unlimited plan but get throttled on the jetpack after using 15G. Our phones get throttled after 22G (and if using the phone as a hotspot that data gets throttled at 15G). The jetpack and the throttling doesn’t really affect the majority of our day to day work. Where we run into issues is uploading video. As you can guess, this eats up a lot of data and we go through our allotment very quickly with uploading 1-2 videos a day!

So what to do when you need free WiFi? Believe it or not, our best experiences have been at McDonald’s so far. We also use Facebook to find free WiFi! On your screen click on the “hamburger” (the 3 lines), select “more” and then “Find WiFi”. It will show you a map of areas close by that offer free internet. There is also the good old standby – Starbucks….they are everywhere!

Hey guys, any recommendations on water hoses? Fresh water and the one you use for other clean up tasks. Length and any thing to watch out for (connections type) on the Max?

We use a blue 25ft Camco drinking water hose:

Due to a mistake when we went on our first camping trip and forgot our hose, we bought another drinking water hose (a white one). After we returned, we designated the blue one for our water and the white one for rinsing out our sewer hoses and portable waste tank. They do market hoses for cleaning out the sewer hoses – you’ll find those colored orange. There only real difference is that the orange one isn’t marked as lead and BPA free – the prices are about the same.

For us, the 25ft length has been more than adequate and just make sure you have 2 hoses and it really helps if you have them different colors. The water hose used for drinking should be lead and BPA free as well. Expect to pay about $15-$20 per hose.

We have run into issues with cold weather and have just bought a heated hose, which you may want to consider if you are in/camp in areas where the weather drops below freezing:

What is your tow vehicle and what is it rated to tow?

Our vehicle is a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 (V8 / 5.3L) double cab. It is rated to tow up to 9600lbs.

Do you have just sway bars or a weight adjusting hitch? What do you think is needed for a Max?

We started off with a sway bar and a weight distribution system. However, after having three different professionals weigh in on it, it was recommended that we did not need the weight distribution as our tow vehicle did not need it.

We ALWAYS use the sway bar. This is the one we use:

Can you use your instant pot on generator power if needed?

Yes! We have done this on several occasions – just make sure you are not running the A/C or microwave at the same time.

This is the InstantPot we use:

How do you guys find so many cool places to stay, is it by “word of mouth”?

We ask for recommendations whenever we head to a new area because oftentimes, that leads to the best locations! Online, we will first check for Harvest Host locations – then we check 3 apps: Campendium, AllStays and ReserveAmerica. If you wonder what a location looks like, check out the YouTube channel “CampgroundViews” – they drive through campgrounds and show you what each spot looks like!

We also wanted to share a great comment from Vicki Demott:

Jeff and I have started planning our trip and I ran across and app that you might be interest in. It is called the The AlaskaApp and can be found on Alaska.org or on apple app store. It shows everything, campgrounds, shopping, parks, dining, sights and attractions and more. Just thought I would share.

Thanks, Vicki! Downloaded and planning our trip now!

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Russ & Kerry

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  1. Great Information for us beginner’s Thx. My question is I am planning a trip in January to Colorado, where temps drop pretty low, but found a RV park open with Electric hook up’s. Will the furnace only work on propane?

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