RV News this week: Erwin Hymer, The Wendland’s, NomadFest & More…

Note: Update for NomadFest is noted only in text below (not in video).

Erwin Hymer North America shuts down

900 Employees in Cambridge, Ontario were notified on Friday 2/16/19 that effective immediately their positions had been terminated. Thor Industries had been positioned to acquire EHG’s North American businesses but after news earlier this year about financial issues within, Thor Industries decided to move forward only after renegotiating the deal by excluding the North American component, resulting in a $194M price reduction as well as a $205M financial obligation reduction.

The merger now has Thor Industries as the world’s largest RV manufacturer, leading both North American and European markets.



Leisure Travel Vans Hire the Wendlands as Brand Ambassadors

Former Roadtrekers, Mike and Jennifer Wendland have recently been signed to represent Leisure Travel Vans. This comes on the heels of the recent Erwin Hymer Group announcement closing the North American operations. Mike and Jennifer have been reporting on their travels since 2013 and are joined by their dog, Bo. They have been longtime advocates of the Class B van and are now putting their energies into promoting B+ models with Leisure Travel Vans.


Vandalized RV in Denver to receive free paint job from Cousins RV

On February 1, Sarah Weber, Miguel Marciglia and their friend Bergen Baucom woke to see their beloved RV covered in graffiti. Spray-painted on the vehicle were the words “No RV Parking”. In all, damages amounted to $15,000.

Jim Humble and fellow workers from Cousins RV saw the news and reached out to help and have offered to repaint the RV free of charge. “I think the thing that stuck out to us is the sentimental value with RV’s are a lot of times more important.”


Curbside Campers say thanks, but no thanks

In a move to reduce what the city deems “homelessness” officials appear surprised that many people who are living in their vehicles or RV’s are turning down offers of assistance to get into shelters.


Tesla reminds manufacturers of open patents

Elon Musk tweeted “all our patent are belong to you” on January 31, 2019. In fact, they have been available since 2014. Will there be a public push to demand more in the way of electric vehicles? Completely electric RVs?



NomadFest 2019 UPDATE:

This isn’t covered in the video above, but the latest news shows there is still a chance that NomadFest 2019 will happen. Here is a copy of their latest communication:

“On Friday we announced significant changes to NomadFEST 2019 and have been working all weekend on getting ready to begin working with you all on next steps. As mentioned in Friday’s announcement, it’s likely that NomadFEST will be fully cancelled. And in the event of a cancellation we will begin phasing in refunds for NomadFEST 2019 guests. 

Is it possible NomadFEST is still going to happen? Yes. And if it does it will be much bigger than we had planned. With a lot more support and infrastructure. And far more speakers than ever before.

This is a big if. You see, the outpouring of support we received Friday evening and throughout the weekend was rather profound on many levels. We’ve had multiple entities offer to come in and help keep it all on schedule. There are hundreds of nomads out there who don’t want to see it cancelled and this is encouraging beyond words!

We’re in discussions with a lot of folks right now, including the city of Wellington and with today being a holiday it was difficult to reach full resolution. We’re going back into the negotiations tomorrow and Wednesday and will let you all know where things stand in a few days. 

Like many of you we too want to save the event! But we want it to be done right and we want it to be EPIC! If we can’t do this we will begin the refund process. 

Thank you for the tremendous support. Thank you for being patient as we work through this and stay tuned for updates!

RV Shows this week:

54th Annual Maryland RV Show
Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium
Timonium, MD
Show Date: Feb. 15 – 24, 2019

Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show
Indiana State Fairgrounds
Indianapolis, IN
Show Date: Feb. 15 – 24, 2019

2019 Austin RV Expo
Austin Convention Center
Austin, TX
Show Date: Feb. 21 – 24, 2019

Harrisburg RV & Camping Show – Pennsylvania
PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center
Harrisburg, PA
Show Date: Feb. 21 – 24, 2019

Overland Park RV & Outdoor Show
Overland Park Convention Center
Overland Park, KS
Show Date: Feb. 22 – 24, 2019

Dallas RV Supersale Dallas Market Hall Dallas, TX www.dallasrvsupersale.com Show Date Feb. 21 – 24, 2019

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