Our Little Guy Max Adventures in New Mexico

Starting our week…

We start our week leaving City of Rocks State Park and fueling up before the 115 mile drive to Elephant Butte. We stop off at the 5R/Valero gas station and we have to say, if you have to stop in Deming with an RV, go here. There was plenty of room to maneuver, a separate pump for RVs and a free dump station. Inside, there was a full convenience store, a restaurant, showers and laundry!

As we enter the South Monticello campground at Elephant Butte State Park, we came upon several cows along the side of the road. It is a free roaming cattle area, so just be cautious driving in around the curves.

Cows on the loose!
Sunset view from our campsite

Campground website: http://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/spd/elephantbuttelakestatepark.html

We arrived just ahead of a winter storm that would be blowing through just north of us and the temperatures dropped as the winds howled around between 40-50mph.

There’s a slight problem…

Time to put our RV problem solving hats on…..As we turned on our furnace, we noticed the vent by the front door wasn’t blowing any air! We got through the evening with just the electric heater (but the floor was still very cold!) and started our investigation the next morning.

Thankfully, the issue was a simple one. The ducting has become loose and fell off from the blower. We did have to wrestle around with our gigantic mattress and lift it up so we could access the area, but other than that it was pretty straightforward. Whew!


When on the road full-time, you have to put extra thought into things that are often taken for granted. Take receiving mail, for instance. As we have mentioned before, we use a mail service through Escapees. They receive all of our mail, hold it and forward it to us whenever we notify them with our location.

Today we stopped by the post office in Elephant Butte. We had items forwarded to us there by having it sent ‘General Delivery’. Just make sure whenever doing so, you contact the post office in advance to confirm they handle general delivery items.


We can’t very well call ourselves The Roads We Roam and not do some roaming, right?! Off we went into nearby Truth or Consequences and found a very cool museum!

The Hamilton Military Museum is dedicated to educating individuals about our military history. Outside, there is a walk with markers. Each marker talks about about a specific war or conflict and highlights the number of deaths and casualties. For a small building, this was a surprise.

It has an amazing collection of military memorabilia from many eras, but one of the more elaborate sections housed a collection of WWII Nazi items. These were acquired from a family who worked for the Nazi general who planned the Battle of the Bulge. Upon his death, he gave them all of his items and they in turn gave them over to the museum.

Best of all, this museum is FREE! https://torcveteransmemorial.com/

We always look for places to let the dogs run around and took advantage of a beautiful empty beach along the shores of the reservoir. Even though it was cool out, the sun was shining and the winds had let up just long enough for us to enjoy an hour in this gorgeous spot.

A little upgrade…

Last but not least, we decided to add magnetic child safety locks to our cabinets! Kerry typically secures our cabinets when we travel with bungees (https://youtu.be/szeVR9RtVcs)but we have been considering other options for awhile and finally decided to try these! We’ll let you know how they work after we put it through it’s paces!

That’s all for this week! Safe travels,

Russ and Kerry

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  1. It was weird seeing Russ in that jacket when we are still in shorts in the Florida heat. We know you are loving every day of your #RVLife journey!

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