Your RV Questions answered! It’s Q & A Tuesday!!

It’s Q & A Tuesday! Every Tuesday, join us as we answer your RV questions and post some of your great comments! This week we cover: preventative maintenance, issues we’ve had so far, programming suggestions and more!


Submitted by Vernon Herd: “May I ask you a favor? Please start each blog with “today’s date is” Why, you ask? If you are telling me how wonderful something is, it is helpful to know if it is a winter activity or only good to do in the summer. If you are telling me how beautiful something is, I like to know what time of year you visited there. Lots of more reason too…just a thought.

ANSWER: Consider it done! We value the feedback from our viewers and strive to improve our channel. Thank you, Vernon!


Submitted by Carpe Diem RV Style: What kind of wine do you guys drink?

ANSWER: For those that are not “in the know”, this question was posed to us because every Friday night at 8pm EST we host a livestream called “Friday Night Wine”. We are not incredibly knowledgeable about wine, but after our recent spat of Harvest Host stays at various vineyards, we are starting to learn more and more and acquire certain tastes! Kerry has developed a fondness for sweet reds, but her favorite are sweet blueberry wines – with the top favorite at the moment from Island Grove Winery in Florida!


Submitted by Sherry Standefer: I’ll recommend Baycrest RV Park in Homer. It’s a little quieter than the campgrounds down on the Spit. Plus a beautiful view up on the hill.

ANSWER/RESPONSE: Last Friday, we announced our destination in Alaska for our upcoming trip is Homer Spit. We also asked viewers to send us suggestions as we finalize our details….Thank you so much, Sherry!!


Submitted by Mark D: Noticed Russ wearing the WI Badger sweatpants …are you from WI?

ANSWER: Keen eye, Mark! Russ grew up between Wisconsin and Hawaii (his parents are divorced). He is proudly a Badgers, Buc, Brewers and Packers fan!!


Submitted by Derrell Dover: What is the routine/preventative maintenance for your LGM?

ANSWER: Batteries, Caulking, Tires/torque & pressure,Clean filters & vents,Test fire & co2 alarms
(we haven’t done this yet) annual checks for furnace & fridge

QUESTION 6: Submitted by Derrell Dover: What unexpected issues have you had?

ANSWER: Bad motherboard in furnace – replaced; Re-attach molding strips – repaired with glue
Hose for propane had a leak – replaced; Lippert SmartJack occasionally doesn’t work-panel cracked/water; Leak under sink – tightened pvc under sink; One furnace vent stopped blowing – reattached coil to furnace

QUESTION 7: Submitted by Derrell Dover: Does your LGM have a black water flush?

ANSWER: No; But one trick we do to regularly clean out the tank – after dumping, empty a bag of ice into the toilet tank. Drive on to your next destination. Empty upon arrival at new location. The ice sloshes around and melts while you are driving and helps to get the ‘stuck’ items around the tank off.

QUESTION 8: Submitted by RHS Tools: Do you have difficulty accessing stuff in your storage pass thru?

ANSWER: We do not. We use long, shallow storage bins (our has wheels on it)and whenever we need something that is out of arms reach, we simply pull the bin out to access. These bins are readily available at Walmart for about $20

QUESTION 9: Submitted by Tamera Everett: You didn’t watch the Waltons…? Lord, it was on forEVER!

ANSWER: LOL! (This is in response to the ending of our “Day in the Life” video ) Sadly, Kerry never watched the Waltons!! She’s got some binge-watching in her future though!

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2 thoughts on “Your RV Questions answered! It’s Q & A Tuesday!!”

  1. Hi Ron, that sounds like a good way to go and we think you’ll be very happy with the performance. We had considered that, but didn’t want to deal with installing anything so instead we purchased a goal zero 1500x (you can see it here: ) We store it right under our dinette seat by the door and can plug individual items into it as needed or if we prefer, we can even plug the rig into it. Yes, it can even run the AC for a few hours as well. The best part is that if you ever sell your RV, you can take it with you.

  2. I own a LGM Rough Rider with solar and I am considering switching to a lithium phosphate battery and installing a 2000 watt inverter so I can use a keurig (only coffee we enjoy) and microwave early morning and not running my portable generator to disturb neighbors because we camp a lot where there are no hookups.Thoughts?

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