How full-time RVers get their mail!

How to get your mail on the road

One of our most asked questions is how do we get mail? While daunting in the beginning, it really is very simple and some of what we cover today is not only relevant for full-time RVers, but it is also applicable for people taking an extended vacation as well.

The following is applicable for full-timers as well as vacationers:

Did you know you can have your mail sent to where you are/will be? You have multiple options:

  • Mail/packages can be sent to PostNet/Pac-n-Mail/UPS Stores but note that they will often charge a fee (usually between $2-$5); contact the location and ask them if they have any special requirements. For example, one location asked us to have the sender put our phone number on the package so they could call/text us when it arrived.
  • Private campgrounds will often accept mail on your behalf. Touch base with their office first and find out any special instructions.
  • USPS General Delivery. Most post offices accept General Delivery items, but some do not. Call the particular location to confirm first. Have your mail addressed with your name and c/o General Delivery. You simply stop in at the location and tell them you should have something under your name for general delivery. They’ll ask you for ID and give you your mail! Important note: this only works for items sent via USPS. FedEx and UPS items will not be accepted there.
  • Amazon lockers. More and more locations are popping up around the country. Before placing an order on Amazon, check to see if there are any close by.

For those who RV full-time:

Now that you know how to get the mail to wherever you may be, what do you do for a permanent mailing address? Some people use a friend or relative’s address. Another option – mail services are a fantastic tool for the full-time RVer.

Here are a few mail service companies:

We use Escapees. Here is an example of how it works through them. They have three different tiers of service ranging from $95-$135/year

Option A: Collect all your mail and forward it to you upon request.

Option B: Collect all first class mail for you and forward it (tosses junk mail) upon request.

Option C: Collect all first class mail and specific items (magazines, etc) that you designate and forward it upon request.

There is an add-on option which we highly recommend. This includes scanning your envelopes / contents for and additional $10/mo.

The benefit of the scanning service allows you to see the mail. This is beneficial for several reasons:
1. You can act on time sensitive materials
2. Reduces the amount of packages they need to forward to you
3. Reduces shipping weight
4. You can save the scanned images which helps reduce papers you have on you – easier filing!

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell, but if you have any additional questions, please ask in the comments below.

Safe travels,

Russ & Kerry

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