First BLM Boondocking Experience!

We really appreciated having the rough rider package on our Little Guy Max this week as we put our ‘Teddy’ through his paces on our way to our first BLM stay.

Over the river and through the….

After leaving the comfort of the Route 66 RV Resort a few dollars lighter (darn casino!) and a few pant sizes bigger (darn buffet!!) we felt ready for a few days away from it all. Over the last few months, we have been testing our dry camping skills in preparation for BLM camping. We picked an area which is typically easy to get to, but coming from the direction we chose to go we were unaware of the challenges that lay ahead.

From the rv resort, we headed west on the I-40 then went south towards the El Malpais National Monument area. We didn’t go to the monument, but we did check out the scenic lookout ( GPS lat 34.9444, long -107.8383 ) which gave gorgeous views of the lava fields below and the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Lookout at El Malpais GPS lat 34.9444, long -107.8383

Continuing on with our destination area of Pie Town, New Mexico, our gps had us make a left turn onto a gravel road, which shortly thereafter turned into a dirt road with cattle guards and signs declaring “unmaintained road areas ahead”. So, for 32 miles we traversed these bumpy, dirty, sometimes narrow roads until we hit Route 60 in Pie Town.

It was late afternoon so we proceeded directly to the BLM area and found our spot (GPS lat 34.2954, long -108.1242). We didn’t know it at the time, but when we arrived, we entered on the west entrance through Lester Jackson Park (you can camp there for free as well) and while looking for a spot, became stuck in a sandy area. Tip for the day: rubber floor mats placed under the tires work wonders!!!

Things that made it easier…

Our Little Guy Max is outfitted with a solar package and it worked great for all of our living needs. We don’t, however, have the ability to recharge our phones and laptops from our trailer so we used our GoalZero Sherpa 100ac with a solar panel. Doing this allowed us to camp several days without ever having to pull out the generator! (Links to the Sherpa or any other products you see us using can be found here:

Lesson Learned…

We purposely came to the BLM area in Pie Town so that we could visit Pie-O-Neer Pies, but had we checked beforehand, we would have known that it is only open from March 14 – Labor Day every year. We missed it by a week 🙁

Pie-O-Neer Pies, Pie Town, NM

A winter storm was set to move into the area so we packed up to head to a warmer location. On our way, we stopped to check out the Very Large Array (GPS lat 34.0732, long -107.6226) which we were happy to find is completely dog friendly!

Arriving at the Very Large Array GPS lat 34.0732, long -107.6226

Wrapping up the week, Russ finally fulfilled the task our Friday Night Wine participants voted on and he got his first pedicure!!

Thanks for roaming the roads with us this week!

Safe travels,

Russ and Kerry

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  1. Somehow we missed your comment until now. We typically stay at truck stops when traveling from one place to another with a time schedule. We also hit up national forests, there are tons or random places along forest service roads. We keep a current America the beautiful pass. Typically though national forests are free if your not using a campsite in an established recreation area. The places to stay in the southeast are endless, the smaller your rig is though the easier they are to find.

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