How to hook up and dump your tanks

HOW TO: Hook up and dump your tanks

Russ takes the stress away from figuring out how to dump your tanks with this no-mess tutorial! See notes below!

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All RVers have been there and we were no different. We actually went the first several trips using our Little Guy Max without using the tanks because we were too nervous to tackle the dreaded black tank dumping. It can be daunting, because the ramifications of what can happen if you make a mistake are not too pleasing!

So, for those of you who are a bit worried about how to this issue, here are the steps shown in the video above:

  1. PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). You should always have on your gloves and if possible glasses or safety glasses.
  2. Take the the elbow and screw it into the receptable on the ground.
  3. Connect your hose to the elbow – make sure it clicks in place
  4. Double check to make sure the black and grey levers are in the closed position
  5. Hold the hose directly under the opening where the sewer cap on your RV is. Once in place, remove the RV Sewer cap and secure hose in place. If you do not feel it click into place, make sure the gasket (a small black ring inside the hose) is in place. NOTE: Some hoses do not use a gasket.
  6. If you are at a campsite and setting up connection, support your hose by using a RV sewer hose support.
  7. To empty the tanks, pull the black tank valve first. When the flow of material has stopped, close the black tank valve and then open the grey tank valve. When the flow has stopped, close the grey tank valve.
  8. Now slowly remove the hose from your RV, tilting it down to catch any potential remaining liquids and close cap to the RV. Lift hose up in the air to drive any remaining liquids down into the receptacle on the ground.
  9. Remove hose from elbow (that is still locked in place at the ground receptacle). Rinse and store.
  10. Remove elbow from sewer receptable, rinse and store.
  11. Close the cover to the ground receptacle.

NOTE: Some campgrounds do not have the screw in type of ground sewer receptacle and may indicate that you should use a sewer donut. Simply place the donut in the receptacle (narrow end down) , then place your elbow on top of the donut.

Hope this was helpful and let us know if you have any questions!

Safe travels,

Russ & Kerry

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