SE2:EP5 Venturing into Yellowstone



Mammoth Hot Springs

We are still camped out in West Yellowstone but ventured into Yellowstone National Park for the first time this week! On this trip, we entered Yellowstone from the West Entrance and turned left onto US-89N. From the entrance of the park to Mammoth Hot Springs, it is 49 miles. Traveling this route, we did encounter road construction, which is expected to last through August, so allow yourself an extra 30 minutes for delays.

For the most up to date road information go to:


Our workamping opportunity has provided us with an RV site for the summer, which is not in a traditional RV park. We are within walking distance of everything in town which is incredibly convenient. Not only are we saving money by not having to pay for a campsite, our gas expense has decreased significantly as well!


We ventured into Yellowstone National Park this week which will be one of several trips as we explore the area. This time, we made our way up to the Mammoth Hot Springs and along the way, saw elk, bison, bears and a bald eagle! In addition to a bit of a delay from road construction, we also got stuck in what the locals call a ‘buffalo jam’ – a herd of bison blocked traffic, causing an additional delay of about two hours.

Our “buffalo jam” caused a two hour delay

We also give you a glimpse of Kerry at her workamping job. If you travel through West Yellowstone this summer, stop by Outpost Sweet Treats (115 Yellowstone Ave) and say hello!


If you watched our first video with our Class A RV, you will know that Russ had issues filling the fresh water tank. This week, he shows how the ‘burping’ method suggested by viewers has solved the problem and we can now successfully put more water in the tank – albeit with a little bit of a mishap at first!


This week, we made a delicious chili. Kerry’s father has made this for years and is one of our favorites! Click here for the recipe: Big John’s Chili and if you decide to try the recipe, send us a photo and we’ll feature it on our recipe page!

That’s all for this week!

Even the cold can’t take the smile off of Russ’s face while at Yellowstone!

Safe travels,

Russ & Kerry

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