SE2:EP6 Battle of Little Bighorn and West Yellowstone

SE2:EP6 Full-time RV life, Battle of Little Bighorn and West Yellowstone

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This week we travel 582 miles! We had a day off from Kerry’s workamping job so we trekked out to Garryowen, Montana by taking the 191-N out of West Yellowstone to the I-90E and reversed it for the trip back to West Yellowstone. The roads on the 191 can be very curvy at times and there are areas of steep grades. While driving on the 191, you will see signs that encourage larger/slower moving vehicles to move to the pull-offs (located at least every mile or so) if you have more than 4 vehicles behind you, so that they may pass. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and it was a fairly easy drive. There were two rest areas along the I-90 between Bozeman and our destination that had plenty of room for RVs of all sizes. 


While we were on the road, we boondocked one night at a Walmart in Bozeman (1500 N 7th Ave, Bozeman, MT) and one night at the 7th Ranch RV Park ( It was our first time boondocking at a Walmart and we have to say, it is pretty convenient! We were able to do a big grocery shopping and resupply some of the heavier items that are more difficult for us to carry on our bikes when we go shopping in West Yellowstone. 


Little Bighorn National Monument

We got to explore the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument  Russ has done a lot of reading on this period in history and this is our second visit to the site. If you are able, sit in on one of the rangers talks or watch the video in the visitor’s center. The drive that overlooks the different areas from the battle is well worth your time and there is an audio tour to further explain certain areas of interest. They have markers at each location with a number to dial to hear the details.  

Audio tour markers at Little Bighorn National Monument

While at the visitor’s center, Russ picked up some items to decorate his new hat…..

From the_roads_we_roam Instagram feed

And we got another National Park sticker for our RV! 


While on our trip, we noticed some leaking up by the driver’s side window. We stopped off at an RV supply store just outside of Bozeman and picked up some self-leveling lap sealant by dicor (links on our Products We Use page) and when we get back into West Yellowstone, we will investigate and try to fix the leak. 


We had a visitor to our campsite! A fox saw Russ getting the dog’s food ready and came to see if there was a bowl for him! The little guy appeared friendly, but we didn’t interact. The poor thing appears to have a bit of mange as well. We will take extra care when taking little Billie out for her daily walks though!


Click here to get Kerry’s recipe of the week for Mongolian Beef! This can easily be made in your RV – no oven needed. 

Mongolian Beef

That’s all for this week! Safe travels,

Russ & Kerry


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