Accessories you need for your RV?

I am not sure if I am alone in this, but I have had feelings of awkwardness and ignorance – the likes I have not felt since a freshman in high school – from the moment we brought home our Little Guy Max trailer.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is our first time as RV owners. Russ and I attempted tent camping a few times and I can’t say we were exceptionally successful. During one memorable attempt, we arrived at a campground as it was starting to rain. After about an hour, frozen fingers and a few colorful words, we gave up and walked into the campground office to ask if any cabins were available. What possessed us into thinking we were qualified to do this?

Well…it’s too late now. The RV is sitting in our driveway and we have a mile-long list of all the places we want to visit. Before I can even begin to be stressed about how daunting it will be to try to back into our first campsite, apparently there is still quite a bit of shopping to do. Hitch coupler locks, chocks, sewer hoses, something called a “dogbone”?

Here is a list of what we wound up buying for our Little Guy Max. You can click on any item to see more details:

  1.  Weight distribution hitch & sway bar
  2.  Brake controller
  3. Trailer lock
  4. Levelers/chocks
  5. Leveling blocks
  6. 30 amp RV extension cord
  7. Sewer hose kit
  8. Sewer hose seal
  9. Sewer hose support
  10. Drinking water hose
  11. Water regulator
  12. Water filter
  13. RV surge protector
  14. Hasp lock
  15. Dogbone electrical adapter
  16. Torque wrench & socket
  17. Tire pressure gauge
  18. Air compressor
  19. Insect screens for: Furnace  Refrigerator vents  Water heater
  20. Dehumidifier
  21. Patio mat
  22. Outdoor folding chairs
  23. Fridge/freezer thermometer
  24. White lithium grease
  25. Holding tank deodorizer and waste digester
  26.  RV toilet paper (quick dissolving & septic safe)

Hopefully, this helps to give you an idea of some things to think about for your own RV. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to let us know in the comments below!

By the way….a “dogbone” is an adapter for 50/30 amp conversions!

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