Black Series HQ15: Best of Both Worlds

Bring on the adventure in style! The HQ15 trailer from Black Series combines the best of both worlds in this trailer with its rough, rugged exterior and sleek and stylish interior. Built to handle the Australian Outback, it’s ready for just about anything.

The most in-depth tour of the HQ15!

The exterior is anything but simple.

Every square inch of this trailer has been thoughtfully crafted and maximized to its full potential. A firewood rack caught us by surprise…let’s take a look at some of the other exterior features:

  • Tow with ease thanks to the new, patented cone nose which has been designed to be more aerodynamic.
  • Polyblock hitch for full 360° rotation
  • Custom designed independent suspension for a truly safe and smooth ride.
  • Diamond plates with European design lower section and corner bash bars
  • Custom designed independent suspension providing a smoother, more stable ride and safer towing
  • Tough, all-terrain tires are included with two full size spares.
  • Aluminum framing with roof and wall insulation [R16]
  • Striking black, red and gray graphics

What about the solar?

  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 12V/ 120V electrical system with 2000 watt Black Series Inverter with a peak of 4000 watt and Charger with a custom Black Series control panel
  • BATTERIES: 2x AGM 100Ah Gel batteries
  • SOLAR PANELS: 2x Roof mounted 150w Solar panels

Let’s talk about the outdoor kitchen…

A pull-out kitchen prep area…not a huge surprise. What is surprising is the three-burner stove top, a good size sink and a fantastic extended countertop area. A sizeable awning extends well over the prep area so you can still enjoy cooking outside even if it’s raining or you are in need of some shade.

Definitely not roughing it.

Step inside the HQ15 and leave the world behind. High gloss cabinets, soft lighting and marine grade diamond stitched leather furniture await you after your day of adventure outside.

  • 16,000 BTU heater
  • Slim, multi-cycle Dometic AC
  • Lighted control panel conveniently hidden in upper cabinet
  • Queen size bed in north/south configuration (no need to climb over anyone in the middle of the night!)
  • Spacious dry bath with shower
  • 3-stage water filter

Most commonly asked questions about the HQ15

  • What is the full body length? 22.3 (ft)
  • What is the width of the HQ15? 7.3 (ft)
  • How tall is the HQ15? 9.67 (ft)
  • How much does the HQ15 weigh? 4,722 (lbs)
  • What is the GVWR of the HQ15? : 6,000 (lbs)
  • What is the size of the fresh water tank? The HQ15 has two tanks for fresh water. A 50 gallon general water tank and a 16 gallon drinking water tank
  • What is the size of the Grey water tank? : 26 gallons
  • What is the size of the black water tank? 26 gallons
  • How much is it? MSRP is $59,999 (as of 10/2019)

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