The Pull of Magnet Fishing

A powerful magnet, a rope and a set of gloves is all you need to find your next treasure!

What is magnet fishing?

Simply put, magnet fishing is using a magnet to find ferrous metals in the water.

What items are needed to magnet fish?

  • 300lb (or stronger) magnet
  • rope
  • gloves (you’ll thank us later for this one)
  • a small bucket (to hold your finds)

Where is magnet fishing allowed?

At this time, magnet fishing is allowed in all 50 states. Make sure you gain permission from landowners as well as check for local bylaws.

How do you magnet fish?

Docks or a structures over the water are a great place to start. With your rope securely tied to your magnet

How to tie a knot for magnet fishing

Next, drop your magnet into the water. Bounce/walk the magnet in the area you wish to search. Note: You may or may not feel something attach to the magnet. Routinely retrieve the magnet, check for ‘finds’ and toss back into the water. That’s all there is to it.

Happy hunting!

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