5 under $5 – Products to transform your RV adventures

5 under $5! Must have items for your RV

You don’t have to spend a lot to make a big impact. These five items will not only make your RV travels easier but save you time, space and money!

Go ahead and decorate!

When we first started RVing, there was a hesitation to decorate with some of our personal items as we didn’t want to have to repack them every time we decided to move. Then we found Quakehold museum putty.

We tested it out with a small plant and a lamp in our class A RV. There was a moment where we hit an unavoidable pothole and everything moved – including the small table where we had our lamp. The table fell over, but the lamp was safe and sound.

Quakehold in action saving a lamp when our cabinet fell over

A little goes a long way and it doesn’t damage the item or the area where you want to secure it.

Harsh lighting quick fix

Many RVs utilize those harsh, blue lights. Whether you want to just change the aesthetics or are concerned about the health issues from blue light exposure, consider this quick solution: gel film sheets. They come in a variety of colors and can be cut to fit cover your light fixtures. No need to spend a ton of money changing out all your lights and you retain the cost savings by using your LED lights!

Save space and stay clean and smell great!

Let’s face it, RV showers are small. Even if you opt to use the campground showers, who wants to carry bottles of soap, shampoo, conditioner or shaving cream everywhere?

Redbudsuds is the answer. We love their 4-in-1 travel bars for just $4.50 which combine everything you need into one small, easy to store, easy to carry and easy to use package. Make sure you don’t throw away the small mesh bag (aka the “shoofah”) it comes in! Put your soap in there and it not only helps you get all sudsy, it helps to keep hair and dirt off your bar and provides a way to hang it up to dry.

Fill your fresh water tanks with ease

Tired of standing around forever and making a mess when trying to fill your fresh water tank? Use this water tank filler with shutoff valve (avg price $3.83) from Camco to fill your tanks faster and reduce bubble-back.

Fight freezer build-up

This is a straight up RV hack that saves so much time! Line your freezer with Glad Press n’ Seal and prepare to be amazed. When there is a build up of frost, simply peal off the sheet. No more chipping away or waiting for the frost to melt.

If you really want to save time, line your fridge with Press n’ Seal too. It makes cleaning a breeze!

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