Tour of our Little Guy Max

In the short time we have owned our Little Guy Max, we have already had our fair share of questions and curious looks from strangers. We have put together this video tour to show you what the camper looks like inside and out along with pointing out some of the highlights.

When you step inside, the first thing you will notice is the windows. The windows make the interior feel so much bigger than other RVs of this size. The light maple hardwood cabinetry is really a nice touch and for something that we plan to have for a long time, I feel these will stand the test of time. The cabinets are deep. For people debating between the Little Guy Max and the T@B 400, I would say you definitely get more storage space in the Little Guy Max.

One thing we didn’t go into on the video is the King Jack Directional Over-the Air Antenna. We are very surprised with the amount of channels we are able to pick up. We were in the middle of nowhere and it picked up 15 channels. This makes for a nice option when you are in a location without cable hookups. As it rained heavily on the first morning of our trip, it was nice to sit at the table, sip our coffees and get our dose of Good Morning America.

We briefly mentioned that our RV has a 100 Watt power output solar panel. We have found that this is enough to run the lights, water pump, and radio. It is our understanding the 2019 models offer a 200 Watt solar panel option.

One of the upgrade options is the Rough Rider package (which is what you see in our video). The Rough Rider upgrade consists of :

  • 15″ Off-Road Tires & Wheels
  • 3.5″ Axle Riser for Added Clearance

The added height just makes us feel a little better when attacking some of the bumpy roads and terrain.

If you are considering a Little Guy Max or have any questions, leave a comment below.

GVWR  3,800 lbs.
Dry Weight 3,140 lbs.
Tongue Weight  330 lbs.
Overall Length  21′
Overall Width  7′
Exterior Height  9′ 1″
Interior Height  6′ 7″
Fresh Water 20 gal.
Grey Water 14 gal.
Black Water 9 gal.

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