March 24, 2020

Packing up today…

We have been camped at an Army Corps location for the last week and had initially planned on staying until Thursday or Friday. We have mail being sent to a nearby town that should be arriving that day at the post office later this week.

The campsite we are at is ideal and we really like it here. We have plenty of space, it’s in a safe environment and close enough to amenities if needed. Getting in/out of the campsite area is a bit tricky with a big rig though. There are two access routes 1) lots of hills and an elevation change of more than 1300 ft or 2) a few miles of a bumpy gravel road, which isn’t bad in a regular vehicle, but in an older Class A it’s like an earthquake.

We’ve been doing fine on supplies, although we are going through drinking water faster than expected.

Yesterday I started a grocery list online for the Walmart we were planning on going to later in the week. Later in the day, Russ suddenly asked me if there were any open pickup times available for today. I told him yes, but only later in the day after 4. He told me to book it.

Right now, I am ok but Russ is still not feeling well and yesterday his energy was just depleted. If we both get sick and/or not feeling well we need to make sure we have enough supplies to weather it out.

In addition to having enough food that people typically worry about, we also factor in propane, water and how full our tanks are. For peace of mind, we’re going to take care of all that today.

We aren’t sure where we will wind up for tonight. I found a few potential spots in the area so hopefully we’ll find something good like this place!

Location Info:

Boondock site by John Day Dam.

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