Back on the road!

While we were in Seattle, we did what has become a quarterly clean out. It’s amazing how quickly things accumulate! We tend to do this during times when we are at campgrounds as it’s easier to throw things away in the larger dumpsters (which are harder to find when you boondock a lot). Just a quick note…we stayed at Tall Chief RV Park and the roads in/out have a 9 1/2 % grade ….not fun!

We decided we would like to move towards warmer and drier areas but not venture too far from West Yellowstone where we will have to be on May 1. So the plan is to dip back into Nevada and explore more ghost towns and boondock. We may explore a bit in Idaho as well. We figure all of this fits in well with the “self-isolate” rules, right??

So today, we backtracked the way we came, taking I-84 through the Columbia River Gorge area. I typically don’t like backtracking, but it was like a completely different drive seeing the landscapes from a different perspective.

Russ was a bit dismayed as we left Seattle because he didn’t find an opportunity to jump into a natural body of water while in WA. So, we crossed over the Columbia River and found an Army Corps of Engineers park on the Washington side to boondock and Russ plans on taking a quick swim tomorrow.

It feels good to be back on the move and out in the wide open spaces 🙂.

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