THE ROADS CHRONICLE – A Traveler’s Diary [March 13, 2020]

What to do during a Coronavirus outbreak? Go take a hike!

We heard about a ghost town not too far from us so we thought we would go explore. Temperatures yesterday got up to about 50 degrees, partly cloudy (we did see the sun for a bit!) and little to no wind. For the hike, we started off with our jackets on, but by the end they weren’t needed.

This ghost town was a former coal mining town. Founded sometime around 1880 and abandoned around 1919. All that remains are a few foundations from the power plant and fan house. I’m sure there are more, but the flora in the area has quickly covered any other remnants in dense, thorny foliage.

There is also supposed to be an old graveyard at the site, but it was inaccessible to us during our time there due to a recent landslide. We weren’t able to ascertain whether or not the cemetery was covered, but the road was blocked off.

While trying to find the graveyard, we saw a path that veered off from the main path. We followed it and tested our mountain climbing skills – which we found out are quite lacking. This “path” went straight up…but oh, the views!! We were well over the treetops and it was worth every bit of huffing and puffing we did along the way to get there.

And lastly, TP check! 😆 Our daughter sent us a photo of the shelves in Los Angeles at her base commissary….maybe we should get into paper product sales??

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