I am so thankful for Beeta….

If you had asked me if shopping with ‘the boys’ would be more tiring than with ‘the girls’ I would have initially said no way.

First off, I don’t know why I thought I was going to get dropped off at Brett & Jessica’s apartment and let them all go their merry way. Russ quickly reminded me that if left to their own devices, they would probably come home with everything BUT clothes.

So being the solo female in charge of outfitting the groom, the groom’s father as well as the bride’s father, my day of binge-watching Netflix flew out the window 😉.

We left the downtown area and went over to a mall in Bellevue. Brett didn’t want to get a tux, and they already picked out a green/blue plaid tie that he wanted to coordinate with his suit. Russ wanted to have something that went with his new hat and Gary, Jessica’s father wanted a gray suit. OK-we got this!

Or do we…

We went store to store, up and down floors and were starting to give up hope. The hardest part is timing-finding things that fit well and didn’t need tailoring all within a respectable price point was proving to be a challenge.

Several hours in, Brett and Gary found suits they were willing to settle on in Macy’s. Russ wasn’t even looking anymore. Before going to the register, I saw a few more suits on a back corner wall and suggested we go and just look.

I swear, a glow illuminated this woman that emerged from the menswear section. She approached Brett and immediately said you are this size shirt, this size jacket, and this size pants (I don’t remember the sizes) and the suit you have in your hands is OK but let me show you what would be better… she whisked him off and next thing I knew he was in the dressing room. Meanwhile, she was already helping Gary and I somehow lost Russ…

Found him! He had his face buried in his phone (like I said he wasn’t even looking at this point). I figured let’s go 3 for 3 and dragged him over to Beeta. She takes his hat and comes back within mere seconds, pulling together a complete outfit built around his hat.

She truly saved the day. All three gentlemen will look dashing on Sunday! I was so exhausted I was remiss in posting last night 😞 but now you know why!!

Today’s pic is a little sneak peak of Brett’s look as he is giving updates to Jessica via phone 🙂


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