Last night we took inventory of our resources and decided to leave our current boondocking site (location details below) and head into town to resupply.

We had been at this site for the last nine days, and it has been twelve days since our last run for supplies. While we could have gone for a few more days, we wanted to err on the side of caution and go before we really needed to – one thing we have learned on the road, always give yourself a buffer.

Before heading off this morning, Russ did a quick Facebook Live to see if he could get it to work. Our internet had been really spotty and sure enough, about 10 minutes in, it dropped. But he did get to say hello to a few of you!! Russ also was a guest speaker via phone into Patrick’s (from Travels with Delaney) classroom discussion!

Russ conferencing in to Patrick’s class

First up….getting rid of trash can be harder than you think! Especially when all campgrounds are pretty much shut down and most businesses don’t let you use their bins. We still use the smaller Walmart bags, but when you are out for an extended period of time, it adds up to more than what you can just toss in a small trash can at a gas station. So you can imagine how happy we were to see two glorious large green trash bins at the exit of the BLM area. Task one done – no outside personal interaction.

Second…dumping tanks. I found a listing on Campendium for a dump station in the nearby town of Huntington that looked to be easily accessible and only required a $1 donation. It was there, but unfortunately it had a sign on it that said “shut for winter”. So back to the app I went and found another one just north of the town we were heading for food and propane. This one was located in a town park, was free, and had access points on both sides. Definitely a good find! Task two done – no outside personal interaction.

Located GPS 44.093159, -116.940559

Third…propane. We had last filled up twelve days ago, but with the cold weather we had been experiencing, we went through it pretty quick. Rather than try to deal with a busy gas station, we opted to try Tractor Supply. This was the first time we have gone there for this and it was incredibly easy. Just pull up to the outside tool area, go inside to customer service and ask them to send someone out. Russ did this task and while he had help from the customer service person and the propane tech, he was able to stay well away from them each time.

Fourth…and most precarious….grocery shopping. Last time we got food, I tried the Walmart online shopping and the experience was okay. However, since we decided last minute to head out, I didn’t have the time to put in the order so into the trenches (aka Albertsons) I go.

Do you like my facemask? Supplies are limited in the RV, but I found a lined earmuff/headband that I modified for the job. The outside of it is knit, but the lining on the inside offered quite a bit of a barrier. In addition, I wore gloves. The store had people in it, but everyone respected one another’s space. There was this moment where I was in an aisle and another woman turned into the aisle, saw me there and then immediately turned around. I told Russ that during pre-pandemic times, I probably would have been offended, but instead I couldn’t help but think how kind her action was! After checking out, I got to spend the next 30 minutes spraying/wiping Lysol and washing all of the items and putting them away. Oh, what fun times 🙂

Fifth item of the day…fuel. We had a half tank, but we always like to top off on our provisioning days. Since we have been removed from society, the price has come down so much! While we were surprised to get it for $2.23/gal, later as we were driving, we saw it other places for as low as $2.00!

And lastly, where to next? Honestly, we left without a firm idea. We still have a few weeks before we have to be in West Yellowstone, so we decided to head south where the weather will be warmer. Warmer weather = using less propane to heat. Along our route, there were a few state campgrounds, county campgrounds and BLM recreation sites…. all of which were closed. We know we need to find more BLM dispersed sites, but it requires traveling a bit more than what we wanted to go today.

And so, as we drove down US95, we came upon a sign out front of a gas station that caught our attention. It said, “24HR Diesel, 24HR Park, RV Park, Elec Car”. After seeing sign after sign of places that were closed, or against overnight parking, we found a place that we could stop over for the evening. There are a few trucks and another RV here with us at the moment. Yes it’s a gas station parking lot, but we’ll take it! And the view’s not too bad either…

Our goal tomorrow is to find a ghost town we heard about in the area and then find another place to set up for a few days.

Until tomorrow,


Location where we spent the last 9 days…. Just outside of Huntington, OR.

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