Change in plans….somewhat.

After spending the night in the parking lot at the fuel station, our plans were to go about 40 miles, explore a ghost town we heard about and then push forward to try to find some BLM land.

We packed up and got an early start on the road. We passed by a potential BLM site, but as we had not reached the ghost town yet, we pressed on. After awhile, we passed by a large sign. The sign read: “Stay-at-home ORDER in effect”. Now, we knew this – and expected it, given the precautions being taken for Covid-19. In Nevada, you are still allowed to pursue outside activities provided you maintain a distance from other people. But what caused us to pause was exploring the ghost town.

Some ‘ghost towns’, like Rhyolite, are true ghost towns and no one resides in the area any more. Other ghost towns, like Goldfield, is what is known as a ‘living ghost town’, where people still reside in the area. We weren’t sure what the one we were headed to was classified as, so I had to look it up. If it was the latter, we probably wouldn’t be welcome to go hang out and walk up and down the streets. Sure enough, after some quick research, we saw that there are people still living near the area so we thought it best to earmark that visit for another time.

Now that we weren’t going to the ghost town, we took another look at our travel plans for the day. We had three options we were going to check out. According to reviews of those locations online, through Campendium and FreeCampsites, internet and cell coverage would be subpar. However, when we drove by the BLM site that we saw earlier, I had noted we had full bars and LTE on Verizon. We decided to “go with what we know” and turned around.

When we arrived to the area, there was one other RV (a very cool overlander/Earthroamer type of rig). The area is easy to access for any size RV and lots of level ground to pick a spot. We probably would have ventured in a bit more, but it had rained recently and the ground was still a big spongy, so we didn’t head too far in.

Let’s just say…..this place is awesome. We have amazing views of the mountains, lots of space and solitude! Oftentimes in the desert areas, we have to worry about goatheads, which are small plants that have sharp needles on them and hurt like heck when you step on them. More of a concern in areas with goatheads are the dogs. The one thing we do see a lot of out here, are gopher holes. Abbey hasn’t shown too much of an interest in them, but we would run into trouble if Billie were to fall down into one.

Last night, we had a first. It was the first time Russ and I ever consciously planned to sit outside to experience a celestial event. The ‘pink Supermoon‘ was to take place, so we decided to stay outside to see it. While the temperature here during the day hit 60 degrees, as soon as the sun dropped it got cold. However about two weeks ago, our good friend Stacey sent us a care package and in it were two new hats and cowls! Now that we were bundled up and warm, we settled in to watch the show.

What a show it was. The clouds had all cleared out and the moon rose over the snow-capped mountains behind us. It was beautiful. I haven’t done any night time photography before, so I was struggling to figure out settings on the camera. Here’s a quick look, these were taken off my iPhone, but i’ll post a better photo after I have a chance to work through the one I took from my camera.

Did any of you see the supermoon?


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