We experienced a first last night…

Looking for a BLM boondocking spot yesterday, we used our Campendium app and found a great spot. Flat ground, great views and not a lot of thorny brush to get stuck in the dog’s paws.

There were several other campers in the location and as there was plenty of room, we were all able to ‘claim’ our own space.

Around 5pm, we noticed a truck stopping at each of the rigs. We figured it was a BLM ranger, so went outside to say hello.

Instead of a ranger, it was a rancher. He let us know that the area we were camped in was not BLM land… 😯

The rancher was very nice and said the area is in fact state land that he leases. Knowing it was later in the day, he said we could stay the night, but we would have to leave the next morning.

We did help him though! He couldn’t figure out why suddenly people have started coming to this spot and we told him about the app. We told him we would update the app and he appeared appreciative

This is where we camped, but found out it is NOT open for dispersed camping. So if you see it on other apps, let them know and don’t plan on using this site.

Drop us a line!