Have you ever started a project, and then once you’re too far gone to go back wonder “what the heck was I thinking??”

That’s what happened to me yesterday. We’ve been running nonstop for the last several weeks and now that we are camping out away from everything, I’ve been catching up on my boring “to do” list. I’ve been wanting to streamline our website for awhile now and finally dove in. It’s going to take a bit to get it fully functional, but the hardest part is over now (I think).

The unseasonably cold weather has descended upon us, last night it got down to 21 degrees and we are only expecting a high of 48 today. But, we still got out for a short bit yesterday! I’ll post some pics below. This area has a ton of free-range cattle that walk through all throughout the day!

As for today, I was just talking to Russ how this is the perfect place to play with his new toy (aka drone)!

This BLM boondocking site is called Indian Break Rocks, located near Bowie, AZ