Yay! The bitter cold has lifted and it got into the 50’s today! We took some time after lunch to go explore and Russ showed me where he had his fall the other day (he said to tell you he’s fine now) 😉

You may have been noticing a lot of pics of Abbey over the last few days on our Facebook or Instagram feeds. She absolutely loves this type of environment. Between here and City of Rocks, she has been in heaven. Billie didn’t like the cold so today was her first chance at exploring. Her nickname is Billie-Goat because she can really climb! I tried taking a ton of pics of her and she kept dodging the camera…

In addition to the cattle in the area, we see a lot of cottontails and roadrunners. Last night we heard a coyote very close to the RV. We make sure the dogs have their let break before it gets too dark.

We were talking today about how nice it is to be here and realized the last time we were plugged in or filled/dumped tanks was when we left the Thousand Trails in Lake Conroe (just outside of Houston) on Jan 26!

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