Good morning guys and gals!!! First order of business….it’s our friend, Mary Thuma’s birthday today! Happy birthday sweet lady 🙂, we hope you have an amazing day!!!

Russ and I have been playing tour guide non-stop this week to my father, his wife and her sister on their visit. Yesterday we took them to Red Rock Canyon – love the beauty of that place! We were lucky with our timing too. We only had to wait a few minutes to get through the gate. By the time we went to the visitor’s center and drive the 13 mile loop the traffic to get in was down the main road about a half mile!

It’s always fun playing tour guide…it gives us a reason to revisit places we probably wouldn’t have taken the time to go back to. But once we are there, we have a great time.

Is there a place close to where you live that you always recommend to people who visit??

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