Internet is spotty where we have ventured so I’m hoping this goes through….!

We packed up and left Vegas and continue our journey onward to Seattle.

The first part of this itinerary we have done before – we are heading north on US 95.

Stop #1: Rhyolite! This is a ghost town just west of Beatty, NV. We first visited the area when our children were 5 & 7. Back then, you could walk through the remnants of all the old buildings. 20 years later, most buildings are fenced off.

I saw my memories come back to life as I imagined our children’s younger selves sitting on the steps and playing hide and seek in the old rail car….

Rhyolite is an easy to access location with plenty of room if you are traveling in an RV. Just about 6 miles away is where we boondocked for the evening (there are also campgrounds close by too).

The boondock location was a nice find! It’s called Bombo’s Pond. There, you’ll find ducks, Herons, and burro’s in the area. We took a walk up the hill and explored the remnants of an old mining operation.

Our plan at the moment (we do tend to change it as opportunities arise!) is to go on a ghost town hunt and see how many we can visit along our route!

Locations Info:

Boondocking at Bombo’s Pond:

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