Today we learned something new! We never realized Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain!) lived in Nevada. On our way to Winnemucca, we visited a ghost town by the name of Unionville where Samuel owned a cabin.

Clemens referenced Unionville in one of his travel diaries as “Eleven cabins and a liberty pole.” He came to the area to try his hand at prospecting, found some silver but not enough to make him rich, so he left Unionville within a year. The cabin he stayed in is still standing and it’s referred to as Mark Twain’s Cabin to this day.

The area still has a few residents. There is absolutely no cell or internet coverage in the area, but we barely noticed as we were so caught up in the beauty of the area while we were there. The place has a ‘good feeling’ to it and we have added it to one of the potential places that we would consider buying land someday!

We proceeded on to Winnemucca and resupplied at the Walmart in town. Tonight should dip down into the 20’s but the reflectix that we bought to cover the windows has been doing a great job stopping the drafts so it shouldn’t feel too cold in the RV. Tomorrow we make it to Oregon – this will be the first time Russ and I are in the state together! We have both traveled to Portland for work at different times, so we are looking forward to exploring uncharted territory for us.

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