Scariest day on the road to date….

Just after the Sunday livestream, we topped off our propane and gas and left Winnemucca. The forecast for the area we were planning on driving through was predicted to be in the low 50’s, sunny with some wind.

Just after we crossed the state line into Oregon (which by the way has about the most lame “welcome” we’ve come upon!), the winds really picked up.

There is nothing – and we mean NOTHING- between the state line and Crane, OR. We were getting battered from side to side and Russ couldn’t even find a place to pull over if he wanted to. The sides of the roads were no option as they were all graded at a slant and with how fierce the winds were, we would most assuredly have tipped over. We took it slow, but it was stressful for Russ, to the point his hands hurt from gripping the wheel so hard for so long. Good job, Russ!

Thankfully, our stop for tonight is at a campground that has hot springs. As soon as we arrived, we booked one of the bathhouses and each enjoyed a hot soak. Russ even jumped into the hot spring pond on site, but with the temps dropping into the low 20’s, he didn’t spend too much time there!

For all the wind, there was still quite the pretty sunset to end the day 🙂 crossing our fingers tomorrow’s travel is better on our way to Bend.

Location Info

We spent about $30 for the campsite. To use one of the private baths, it was $15/per person. No fee to access the pond if you are a paying guest.

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