Happy Easter!

Many people are celebrating the holiday today probably a bit differently than they typically do. For those who are used to the sunrise services, many watched from their computers. Family gatherings are limited, if they are happening at all. But the one thing we can do, is make a good meal. Or can we?

Our RV has a decent size refrigerator, but it isn’t as big as a residential unit. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 and all the restrictions, we have had to change up the way we shop for groceries. To buy all the fixings for a big ham dinner today just wasn’t feasible. I tried looking for a small ham when we did our last shopping, but these days there aren’t as many options at the stores. So, in lieu of a ham dinner, I decided to make something special with what I had on hand. Today’s menu:

Pork Ribs

Boston Baked Beans

Macaroni & Cheese


Apple Enchiladas

We have a good amount of water on us, but we have run out of water in our freshwater tanks. This means filling pots, washing dishes and the like are done by pouring water from our 2.5 gallon containers. I must have tried turning on the kitchen sink about 30 times before it stuck in my head that wasn’t going to work!

I was making the beans from scratch and ran into a bit of frustration when I realized the “new” bag of dried beans I just bought from the store wasn’t so new. Half the beans didn’t soften up as they should. I did find a trick online though…by adding a small amount of baking soda to the beans while cooking should help. I should have done it before adding the molasses and other ingredients, but I didn’t find out about the tip until afterwards. I still tried it and it helped somewhat.

Preparing the food was only half the battle. I realized after all my work that we had another issue.

We only have one plate.

That’s right. Normally we always have two. We don’t have a lot of room, so we just keep one set of dinnerware (plate, bowl, cup, utensils) per person. But a few days ago, I put one of our “microwavable” plastic plates into the microwave and two big holes melted right through the center. So guess who got to eat her meal from a bowl? Thankfully it’s a big bowl!

As you can imagine, life out boondocking is pretty quiet. While I was preparing the food, Russ took out one of his metal detectors to do a quick check of the area. He didn’t find anything, but we have spotted a place we want to look at closer in the next day or two.

After we ate, we took a walk out with the dogs to a spot we saw on the satellite imagery. It wound up being a watering hole for the cattle that are occasionally in the area. Overall, it was about a half mile walk – not too far, but enough to let Abbey get her zoomies.

Temperatures are dropping into the twenties again tonight, but then it should start warming up again on Tuesday. I’m hoping we can make it here until at least Friday, but we’ll just take it one day at a time….



2 thoughts on “FULLTIME RV LIFE”

  1. Hey Kerry & Russ… sounds like you had some cooking challenges but made your made your way through them… bummer about your melted plate. I’d recommend getting Corel wear plates… they are very durable and microwave safe. You can order or pick up individual ones from Walmart. While these plates are breakable we’ve had good luck with them so far. Here is a Goodhousekeeping review: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/cooking-tools/break-resistant-dinnerware-reviews/a19128/dinnerware-brand-reviews/


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