Yesterday we hit our 14 day limit at our boondocking spot in Orovada, Nevada so we had to leave. With our ultimate destination being West Yellowstone on May 1, we needed to find a spot heading in that direction. I found two potential spots just along the Utah/Nevada border so after heading back into Winnemucca to dump tanks, refill water and gas we were off.

Getting creative – a coffee filter and a sleeve from an old shirt made for my facemask to head into town!

The weather was beautiful. Sunny, high 60’s and just a bit of wind. We pulled off the I-80 in Elko to stop by a Petco. We feed Abbey and Billie Hills Science Diet food and they had run out. I was able to put an order in online and when we arrived at the store, we called a number and they brought out the food right to the RV. Which was a good thing….they don’t have a pet store that sells this food up in West Yellowstone, so we ordered three 33lb bags. At any rate, if you have a pet and don’t want to run into the store, this is a great service they are now offering!

Petco: Order online and have them bring out your items to you!

We continued on with little to no traffic. The first spot we came upon was easy to access but looked a bit sketchy. It was a big open spot in the desert but there was a fair amount of trash and broken glass. You could easily see people hang out in the area. The big “no” from Russ came when he saw a discarded facemask on the ground. On to option #2.

At this point, it was about 4:30 p.m. We found the next spot and picked a place to park up on a bluff. This area was only about 3 miles away from the first spot, but a completely different feel. The views in each direction we look are all unique. With the internet connection here fairly good, we decided to stay.

This morning we woke to a glorious view. The sun hit the snow-capped mountain and colored the world in such a way that we couldn’t help but wake up in a good mood to face the day.

View to the north

After taking the dogs out, we realized the spot we had picked last night was not ideal. There was obvious evidence that someone had camped in the spot with horses before and while the dogs may like it….we prefer to not have the remnants of that right out our door. We drove down to a dry lake bed area and thought that was good, it was very level, but the internet connection was bad. So we moved again and I have to say, we have a very nice spot where we plan on staying for a few days.

We have seen a few people, but they are all so far away it’s not a bother. We looked at each other this morning when we heard the noise of a plane flying overhead. The realization that we had not heard that noise in several weeks simply amazed us. We’re looking forward to spending a few days here to explore the area. There’s evidence of animal activity in the area, just not sure exactly what it is….I will have to brush up on my tracking skills!


Orovada, NV boondocking site:

Current Campsite: For our security, we will update this post with the GPS coordinates for this location after we have departed.

2 thoughts on “FULLTIME RV LIFE”

  1. Breathtaking!! I admire you listening to your gut & moving!! Happy trails 😁🎶

  2. Looks like you finally found a a good spot. : )

    We just made reservations at a campground in Titusville, FL for next month. We want to watch the SpaceX launch on May 27 of the first US maned rocket from KSC.

    Terry & Becky

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