It’s official! We’re full-time RVers!


My sister thinks we’re crazy. Our kids just shake their heads. We just keep pinching ourselves to make sure it’s all really happening.  You know the saying “Go big or go home?” Well, we are going big and we are determined to make it work because the only home we have to go back to is hitched to the back of our truck!

I initially thought buying the RV (in our case it was a Little Guy Max trailer) was the most daunting decision. I have since changed my mind. Downsizing – really committing to the choice – was the toughest part. We got rid of nearly everything but did wind up renting out a 5′ x 5′ storage unit to put some of the things we just couldn’t part with quite yet. We have a plan to go back to it in a year and reassess what we want to keep and try to pare down further. Other than the storage unit, we have only what fits into our 18ft trailer and the truck. My only bit of advice if you are starting this process, as you downsize don’t dwell on the price you paid for things or even some of the emotional attachments. The song “Let it Go” played continuously in my head during our yard sale. Focus on what you will be able to do once these things aren’t holding you back.

The process is also an exercise in self-awareness. I had to acknowledge I had a problem with letting go of paperwork. I had copies of our tax filings going back to 1991, copies of old utility bills, etc. I shredded A LOT of paper. Anything I couldn’t just let go, I scanned and saved. As each stack of paper disappeared, I felt a huge weight lift off of me.

Watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading blogs from other full-timers really helped a lot. We made list upon list to try to make sure we had all of the “must-have” items.  We are to the point now where we don’t know what we don’t know. So far, we haven’t hit any items that we needed that we didn’t have.

At the time of this post, we have been on the road full-time for 5 days. We are taking things slowly and only traveled 4 hours a day to start as we make our way from El Paso to Nashville, stopping along the way for Russ to meet up with people for his work.  In the five days, we have stayed at 3 different campgrounds. Lots of practice hooking up the water/sewer/electric! That being said, we have yet to USE the bathroom in our trailer. Baby steps! Are we the only ones that the thought of emptying the black tank seems like a process fraught with the potential for failure and catastrophic consequences?

The one thing that we did that I really like so far…..if we see something interesting along our route – we stop, we explore, we take our time. We have traveled back and forth on the I-10 corridor so many times over the years and just focused on getting from point A to B, never knowing what we were passing by. Our days of travel flew by and made the travel so much more enjoyable. Here are a few things to see just off the I-10 between El Paso and Livingston, TX. (We found them using

We would love to hear from you! If you are full-time RVers, any tips for the newbies? If you are thinking of going full-time, let us know!

True to the Union Monument
Treue Der Union Monument – taken during the only bit of sunshine we have seen in 5 days!


Watermelon Tower
Giant watermelon water tower in Luling, TX
Giant Stag made of Junk
40ft tall stag made from scrap metal nestled in a neighborhood park
Stonehenge II
Stonehenge II  in Ingram, TX

12 thoughts on “It’s official! We’re full-time RVers!”

  1. Vistabule only sells direct; factory tours are available. If their location in St. Paul, MN seems too far, people can call the company and the receptionist will try to set up a meeting with an “Ambassador” owner near you. (Just goodwill, not paid to do it.) Vistabule also appears at a few RV shows each year. Search Vistabule online to locate their website, recently Facebook pages and Instagram are also available.

    We ordered #126 sight unseen in Spring 2017. Manufacturing has ramped up since then, EOY 2018 there are about 250 Vistabules in the wild now. The most are out West and the fewest in the South, with North Central and North East representing the mid-range. (There may be a Canadian or two, not certain.) If you see a Vistabule anywhere do not hesitate to ask for a tour!

  2. I love hearing from people that have been able to successfully do this full-time! I know we are in the honeymoon phase at the moment but the support from all of you full-timers out there is so welcome, letting us know we can do this and we aren’t crazy 😉

  3. Let us know when you are back on the road! We saw Vistabules online but none of the dealers by us had them in stock. If we weren’t full-timing, that would have definitely been an option for us. Safe travels to you too 🙂

  4. Congratulations! I truly envy you. We started teardropping in our Vistabule in April of 2017, but were not able to get in a single night of camping during 2018. Fingers crossed for 2019! Wishing you many safe miles and adventures ahead, and hope to see you on the road some day.

  5. So envious! God willing, we will be full timers by June 2019, can’t wait.
    In the meantime I’ll be following your adventures!

  6. The last few months I think are the hardest! The day will come before you know it. I look forward to following you and hearing your adventures too!!

  7. My hubby and I are about 6 or 7 months behind you. I retire in 5 months I’ll put the house up for sale the absolute next day. We know what 5th wheel we want. We know what we will buy to pull it. Mentally we are ready. Just need to follow our plan. We had our first garage sale. Got rid of a bunch of stuff. You are so right about not thinking about how much we paid for things. Good luck. I’ll be following you to see what we might have in store for us.

  8. Welcome to the road! We are working on our 4th year of full-time RVing and one of the first things we learned was slow down and enjoy the scenery. Full-time RVing is not a race its an adventure. It’s a wonderful lifestyle that will let you be as free as you want to be. The great thing is it’s different for everybody. Enjoy this chapter of your life.

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