The rumble of thunder and the tap-dancing of rain on our roof woke us in the early morning hours while boondocking at Blackrock Canyon. Having traversed the well-worn dirt road on the way in, we were concerned about getting stuck if the rains were to continue, so we packed up and moved out as the sun rose on the horizon.

Blackrock Canyon Boondocking spot

West Yellowstone was about 158 miles away but we had a few things to take care of before getting to our final destination. Rather than pay ‘mountain prices’ on our groceries up in West, we stopped off at a grocery store in Pocatello, ID to stock up on some dry and canned goods. We were shocked last summer when we were in West Yellowstone and paid nearly two to three times the amount for goods we normally would elsewhere. But with the closest large-scale stores being more than an hour + away in any direction, they can name their price and people will pay it.

I was surprised to see how well the store was stocked. Pretty much anything we were looking for was there so with a full cart I went back to the RV and spent the next hour wiping everything down and trying to figure out where to put things.

Storms rolling in while at the Walmart in Rexburg, ID

Storms continued to follow us, so we pulled into Rexburg, ID, where the last Walmart before you reach West Yellowstone is located. About thirty minutes after we parked, heavy rains descended on us as well as a few minutes of hail. We decided to stay put for the night and travel the rest of the way the next morning.

Again, we woke the next morning with a start as voices and car doors could be heard next to us. It was about 6 a.m. and we looked out the window. While we were parked in the far rear of the parking lot, it seems we were in the area where employees parked. We were quickly being blocked in and if we didn’t act fast, we would probably be stuck until after the day shift started to leave. Russ jumped into the driver’s seat while I watched from the back window and we successfully completed about a 30 point turn to escape.

US Route 20 towards Montana

Now fully awake, we jumped back on Route 20 towards West Yellowstone. The morning was overcast and gloomy but we were still excited. As landmarks and places started to look familiar, we realized how much we had grown to love the little town where we spent last summer.

Thinking back on our first time driving this route, I remember Russ getting excited about seeing the signs that warn of moose crossings. We didn’t see any then and we didn’t see any this time either. What you will see are lots of fields, rolling hills, waterways and the ever-present mountains off in the distance. Even on a gloomy morning, it’s beautiful.

We have arrived at our site where we will be staying for the duration of our workamping jobs this summer. The first thing we did?? Well, since we are plugged in for the first time in months, we stayed up late and binge-watched The Last Kingdom on Netflix and took really long showers!

All settled in at our new spot. Can’t wait until the leaves come in!!

Tune in tomorrow when we go LIVE on YouTube at 1 p.m. EST!!


Blackrock Canyon, ID

Site notes: Good for any size rig; dirt roads entering (low clearance vehicles might have an issue); Busy area with off-roading activities – can be noisy.

Walmart, Rexburg ID

Site notes: RV friendly. They will direct you to park near garden side – however first shift employees park in the rear of the lot on that side and can block you in. Fuel center, Panda Express, hair salon and T-mobile store share parking lot.

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  1. Another awesome leg of your journey back to The West. Live following your travels. Thank you so much. Stay safe. ❤️

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