Take a walk with us….

Over the last few days we have been getting settled in at our workamping spot. Last year, we were put at an RV spot in town – this year we are on the owner’s property about 7 miles from downtown West Yellowstone and we love it.

The temperature this time of year is still a bit chilly, we’ve been hitting 50’s during the day and upper 20’s at night. This morning the sun was out and we decided to take a walk and as you’ll soon see, Abbey has a little game she likes to play with us….

At the start of the walk

We are lucky enough to be able to walk Abbey off-leash out here. Billie doesn’t listen for anything, so she stays on-leash next to me. Abbey starts off with a ton of energy and hits the trail running. Where we are located there are a few residences and a lot of rental cabins. Later in the season when the tourists arrive, we’ll be keeping her on-leash, but for now it’s fun to let her burn off some energy.

There is a decent amount of snow still on the ground, but it’s quickly melting away. Walking by one of the cabins, you can get an idea of how high the snow gets:

Even with most of the snow melted, it still is over half the height of the cabin

On to the fun

When Abbey is off-leash, she likes to play “hide-and-seek”. We don’t have the heart to tell her she isn’t very good at it!

Apparently a single blade of grass is great camouflage…

Some improvement…

Now she’s just getting lazy….either that or she thinks she blends in with the snow?

Finding ‘treasures’

An old red truck in a field caught our eye so we wandered over to check it out. It looks like it hasn’t moved in quite awhile. I often wonder when I see vehicles left to rot in the middle of nowhere, what events led up to their abandonment.

Random find of the day: Tucked away in the woods, we saw a pile of antlers stacked about shoulder high.

All tuckered out

After about an hour of exploration, we were all ready to head back for something to eat. We’re also still getting used to the elevation (we’re just over 6,000 feet) and you can see even our ‘hide-and-seek’ expert is starting to tire out. Just a bit different than at the beginning of the walk!

So we made our way back to good ‘ol Boone. Here’s a view of our “Boonesite” (credit for that moniker goes to Stacey!). The area is level – no blocks are needed and we have full hook-ups with 50 amps. I am excited to have the leaves fill in on all the Aspens behind us.

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  1. More amazing photos! Abbey is so cute – like a 4 year old. Thx for sharing. 💙

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