THE ROADS CHRONICLE – A Traveler’s Diary [May 16, 2020]

We’ve been spoiled with good weather for quite awhile so some bad weather was bound to catch up to us. The temperature over the last few days in West Yellowstone has struggled to break above 50 degrees.

The best time to visit West Yellowstone?

If you are looking for the most temperate time to visit, September would get our vote. This is our second time being here in May and it’s either raining or snowing most days. And it’s cold more days than not. That being said, there is no place we would rather be in an RV for the summers. Last summer we didn’t have to turn on our air conditioner at all.

Another thing to consider….West Yellowstone is a town built around its tourism and most stores and restaurants typically operate May 15 – October 15. If you visit in September, a lot of the stores are getting ready to shut down for the season and you can find a lot of good deals on closeout items. This year things are a bit delayed and nothing is really open yet. Yellowstone is set to open its southern and eastern gates on May 18, but still no word yet on the northern and western gates.

We’ve been frustrated….

Each evening Russ has had to disconnect the water hose and every morning go back out and hook it back up to protect from water freezing in the lines.

Tired of the gloomy weather!

RV Tip – Choose your water hose wisely

Learning lessons the hard way seems to be a habit with us! When starting on our RV travels, we swore we would stick as close to the “chasing 70” ideal as possible and if the weather were to get cold, we would leave. What we didn’t account for is reality. There will be times a quick freeze descends upon an area. There will be other times you are visiting, or in our case working for a period of time and cannot leave an area.

Now, you can get a standard water hose for less than $25 and run out and disconnect every time the weather is cold OR you can save yourself a lot of frustration and spend a little bit more by investing in an insulated/heated water hose.

Snow falling and it’s mid-May…….

Our close call

We’ve had one close call…..we were in Texas and woke up in the morning to the sound of water outside of the RV. Overnight, the temperatures dropped more than we thought and the water froze right where it goes into the rig, causing the water to push back and it burst a hole in the hose. Thankfully there was no damage in the RV and we caught it before our campsite was flooded. We had a back-up hose on hand, so we weren’t in a rush to replace it, but ‘planned’ on getting a heated hose in the future.

It has dawned on us that we kept pushing it down our “to do” list and guess what? We still don’t have one. But we are wishing we did!

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