THE ROADS CHRONICLE – A Traveler’s Diary [May 21, 2020]

Things have been quiet in West Yellowstone.

Even though we were considered exempt from the 14 day quarantine because we were brought in for work (which we found out after we arrived), that time has come and gone. The candy store where we are scheduled to work still doesn’t have a scheduled date to open yet.

Latest Yellowstone updates

Most of the town is waiting for the word from the governor to lift the 14 day quarantine restriction for people coming in from out of state. The chamber of commerce recently sent a letter to plead the case to lift the restriction.

This is important because Yellowstone NP has reopened. However, because of the travel restrictions in Montana, only the south and east gates in Wyoming have opened.

Like other national parks that have just reopened, they are open for day-use only with limited access to buildings and no concessions. There is a plan to evaluate after 30 days how well tourists can be managed to practice social distancing. It looks like its not off to the best start if you read the news article from The Guardian ‘Not a mask in sight’: Thousands flock to Yellowstone as Park Reopens . Here’s a quick outline of the NPS plan for the park:

Cold weather continues

The weather hasn’t been cooperating very much for us to get out and explore either. Today’s high is set to be 44 and 2-5 inches of snow is in the forecast between now and tomorrow morning. Thankfully we don’t have to travel, so I can appreciate the beauty of it (from inside our toasty-warm RV)!

Meeting other workampers

Russ ran into town and while at the grocery store we was recognized by a fellow YouTuber, Chris from Midlife Journey. I had communicated with Chris and his wife, Barbara this past fall when they were asking questions about workamping opportunities in West Yellowstone. Russ was totally caught off-guard and stood there for a few seconds with a blank look on his face as he was trying to figure out how someone knew who he was. Chris and Barbara will be working at the Imax theater in town, so if you come through this way, make sure to say hello to them!

Mountain Prices

Speaking of Russ going to the grocery store…. groceries here in West are pricey and the closest Walmart is 78 miles away in Rexburg, ID. We heard the prices for meat were going to be higher given the ongoing pandemic issues, but we were shocked to find a small corned beef brisket priced at more than $25!! Maybe its time we become vegetarians….

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