After sixty-nine days we had our first bit of take-out food since all the shutdowns hit! So what was the first thing we had? The pizza from Wild West Pizza here in town was calling…..and it was as good as we remembered it from last year.

The end of the snow

We think we’ve turned the corner on the really cold weather here in West Yellowstone. As I mentioned in one of our previous posts, the weather here during May is always a toss up. This past Saturday, it snowed all day and the high only reach the low 40’s for the day.

But today, the sun came out and it’s in the 50’s. The forecast has us in the mid-70’s by the end of the week – can’t wait!! The trees are still bare and we’re waiting for them to bloom. Spring in this area is very short and the landscape can change overnight.

We took a drive through town today and noticed the streets are still mostly empty. You can see from the pictures below the snow is already a memory. More people are out and about compared to a week ago, but I wonder when the last time these roads were so empty on Memorial Day Weekend.

Word “on the street” is that the gate to park is supposed to open June 15 but now we are hearing it might be a bit longer.

Memorial Day

Image may contain: food

We spent a quiet day together. After having been inside for so many days due to the cold, rain and snow, we were happy to get outside for a bit and celebrated by grilling out. Russ was in his element as he made some burgers while drinking one of his new favorite beers – Deschutes. He was also excited to make the burgers with grilled pineapples and jalapenos. When we were in Seattle a few months ago he was introduced to that combination and he’s hooked. I’m not a fan of jalapenos so you’ll just have to take Russ’s word for it that it’s really good!

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