THE ROADS CHRONICLE – A Traveler’s Diary [May 29, 2020]

Things are about to get busy!

We just got word that Yellowstone will be opening the Montana gates starting June 1. That means the days of empty streets in West Yellowstone will be changing. It also means we should be starting our workamping job soon.

The difference a few days makes

Take a look at the two photos below. The first one was taken on Saturday. The second one was take of the same area today. If we didn’t see it ourselves, we wouldn’t have believed it. Spring in Montana apparently lasts 48 hours.

The downside of staying still

When we move a lot, we go through our regular routine of packing up and putting things away on a regular basis. What happens when we stay put is still a bit of a struggle for us. We call it ‘the spread’. Things get rearranged, things get left out and the next thing we know the idea of moving anywhere seems daunting.

So yesterday, I had enough. I started a deep clean and reorganization of the RV. By default, Russ got pulled into it as well – it’s a good thing he loves me!

Organization tips

Whether you are a full-time or part-time RVer, here are a few tips that will make your time in your RV more enjoyable:

  1. Simplify your wardrobe. Finding space to store clothes is challenge enough for most. Many RVers also struggle with where to put the dirty laundry. Trust us, the more clothes you bring, the larger the laundry pile becomes and next thing you know, there’s a huge mess to deal with. Fewer clothes takes up less space and forces you to do laundry sooner.
  2. Plan meals that build on one another. For example, if I make a corned beef brisket one day, I can also make reuben sandwiches or hash with the leftovers. Doing this saves space in your cupboard and your fridge.
  3. Cut down the kitchen clutter. All those gadgets are cool, but how many of them really need to be in the RV? Think ahead about the meals you make using the least amount of kitchen accessories.
  4. Minimize bathroom chaos. Consider using an all-in-one body/hair wash. Go a step further and use something like Dr. Bronner’s soap which you can use to wash face, hair, body, laundry and more.
  5. Digital when possible. Free up from clutter by reading ebooks, streaming tv and movies, and keeping digital photos (we use Amazon Photos). Every once in awhile I need a break from staring at a screen, so borrowing a book from a Little Free Library is always a great option.

These are a few of the practices we employ and we have to revisit them every few months because we somehow keep accumulating things. Yesterday we threw away several bags of trash and have items we need to donate. But….the RV feels so much better when there is no clutter and now we are ready for an adventure. Now the question is….where do we go first?

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2 thoughts on “THE ROADS CHRONICLE – A Traveler’s Diary [May 29, 2020]”

  1. How fun! Springtime in Yellowstone. Thanks for those great tips!! Can’t wait to see your next chronicle & photos!! ❤️ Pets to Abbey & Billie 😊

  2. So excited that the Montana gate is slated to open soon and that your workamping jobs will soon begin. I’m hopeful that we may be able to make our August-October trip… fingers crossed! I ordered some of the soap that y’all rave about (lavender) and look forward to giving it a try.

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