Montana has lifted its 14-day quarantine and the West Yellowstone gate into Yellowstone National Park is open and we were excited to finally start our workamping job at Outpost Sweet Treats.

Outpost Sweet Treats

A few days in and the foot traffic in the store is still pretty slow. That being said, the visitors that have come in have said their time in Yellowstone was very pleasant as the typical crowds are minimal now and they have the opportunity to take their time in the park.

We started off our first day with a special visit from some new friends on Instagram – we_gone_rving! They are workamping in Yellowstone at the Mammoth General Store, so if you travel through the park this summer, stop in there and say hello.

Russ and I have realized we are out of practice standing on our feet for extended periods of time. We’ve only been working 5-6 hour shifts but boy, our feet are tired at the end of the day!

I have to say, it is fun working with Russ this year. He probably agreed to do it because he still hasn’t figured out how to operate the TV in our rig and he got bored while I was gone! Actually, the real reason he wanted to workamp this year was the opportunity to meet all the great people and really get to know the town in a unique way.

We’ve been asked a lot about social distancing and safety practices here in town. Most people seem to be respecting social distancing, but we have seen very few people wearing masks. Nearly all of the businesses that are open are taking extra sanitation measures, but you can tell things are already relaxing. When we first arrived in town, the grocery store installed plexiglass at the cashier stand and workers were wearing gloves and masks. We just went in the store this morning and about only half the staff had masks on. Also, sit down dining in restaurants appear to be available.

On our way into work yesterday, we actually saw our first bit of traffic since arriving a month ago! More RVs are trickling in but the campgrounds in town still have plenty of open spots.

Oh, by the way….the weather this week has been AMAZING.

Don’t be too jealous though….it’s supposed to snow again on Monday, with a high temp of 40 degrees. A brief cold spell is forecast, but then the nice weather should be returning.

One of our favorites

Last year, we visited the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center here in town.

It is one of the highlights of West Yellowstone and we just found out that one of the wolves gave birth to a litter of pups last week! We also found out they have webcams on the bear and wolf habitats, check them out and if you see the wolf pups, let us know!


Tip: If you stay at the Grizzly RV park in town, you can hear the wolves howling at night!

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  1. Always great to hear of your adventures! Wish I was visiting there to see you guys. Enjoy your time in Yellowstone!! 😎👌🏽

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