Portable sink & toilet combo review

-Kerry Balbirona

A short time ago we were sent a Tidobit portable sink and toilet combo-kit from Tido Home. At the time, we were considering converting our van to be more of a campervan and thought it might be a good option if we didn’t want to deal with the complexities of plumbing and cutting holes in the van for tanks. We’ll be reviewing our experience with the company, the product, and the different types of environments for which we think it would be suitable.

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About the company

The upgraded portable camping sink and toilet combo set is from Tido Home, a new e-commerce company which started in February 2020. At this time, their main inventory is centered around portable wash stations, toilets and water tanks which can be bought individually or in bulk (at discounted rates).

Our experience communicating with them was very positive. Emails were responded to quickly and we were provided tracking information on our shipment.

Toilet Sink Combo

Sink (portable hand washing station)

  • Assembled dimensions: Length: 19.7″, Width: 13″, Height 40.1″
  • 5 gal water tank
  • Foot pump
  • 3 Liter hand sanitizer/soap tank capacity
  • Faucet
  • Toilet paper holder/arm
This is what your sink will look like just out of the box. No tools are needed for assembly.


  • Assembled dimensions: Length: 16.3″; Width 14.4″; Height 16.5″
  • T-type 3-way flushing (yes, it flushes with water!); piston pump flushes the bowl with fresh water
  • Toilet water tank: 2.5 gal
  • Toilet recovery tank” 5 gal
  • Empty/Full notification

Portable toilet comes in two parts. No tools required to assemble.

Easy snap closures to assemble
Green when empty/Red when full

Total empty weight: 8.8 lbs


We have used the unit numerous times with no negative issues. The product is made out of a high-density engineered polyethylene and is sturdy (especially when the tanks are full with water). Make sure to use a RV toilet treament (like this one from Camco) to break down waste and control odor.

The toilet can be used independent of the sink. We liked that you can flush with water (an additional spray attachment is also included to help clean the bowl) and we never noticed any odors. Assembly took only a few moments at each campsite.

Many uses

  • Tent Camping – Before many campgrounds started restricting the use of restrooms, I never liked the prospect of walking across the campground in the dark or early morning hours to use the facilities. This unit provides you the ability to have water to clean up, brush your teeth and have a bathroom right at your campsite. Put it in your tent, or set up a pop up privacy tent.
  • RV Camping – Some RVs/travel trailers don’t have integrated bathrooms. This unit would be a great addition to complete your set up and again, not make you reliant on campground facilities. In addition, this is great option for campers (like ours) with small bathrooms. Set up a privacy/shower tent outside of your rig and have an extra bathroom. This not only gives you more space, but we have found it was a great way to extend our time out camping since we have small tanks in our camper.
  • Van Conversions – Search #vanlife on any social media platform and you will find an endless amount of content. More and more people are buying and converting vans into campervans. The TidoHome portable sink and toilet combo would be an easy way to add a bathroom into a DIY conversion.
  • Cabins – remote cabins, ice fishing & hunting enclosures
  • COVID quarantine room – a great option for a home where someone has tested positive and needs to quarantine and there is only one bathroom in the house.

In the news

Man installs portable sinks to help homeless from Covid-19 A non-profit, Love Beyond Walls has made news with their Love Sinks In campaign using TidoHome’s sinks. Standing behind the principle “everyone deserves to stay healthy” they bring the portable sinks/handwashing stations to high-traffic homeless areas throughout the country.


Here are videos of the sink and toilet operating independently. The combo kit includes both and you just take the tube for the sink wastewater and hook it up to the toilet fresh water fill.

How to save 15%

Tido Home has generously offered 15% off any purchase with anyone using the code TheRoadsWeRoam15 upon checkout.

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