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4 Features to look for in an RV park

Camping and full-time RV living have been on the rise in the United States, with 41.8 million people participating in car, backyard, or some type of RV camping in the US as of 2017. The growing popularity of this hobby and lifestyle has resulted in many people establishing RV parks, mostly in proximity to national parks or monuments, state parks, other public lands, private attractions, or even urban areas. RV enthusiasts are spoiled for choice, and it pays to be a bit picky when choosing the places you decide to camp out in. So, here’s our list of 4 features to look for in an RV park to make your time out more enjoyable:

RV parks should have level, hard pads

While some developers work to level the grounds of their RV parks, most parks usually use hard pads to level uneven ground. Even a slight angle could cause problems for RV living, such as water backing up in a corner and possible discomfort for those inside the RV. It also puts stress on the plumbing, windows, and doors. Sometimes, level hard pads might slant during your stay. If this happens, there are some ways to level your RV, which involve some equipment you might want to consider investing in to prevent stress when the hard pads become uneven.

The best RV parks have spacious lots

Some common complaints about RV parks include not having enough space per site. After all, RV camping shouldn’t be just parking in a lot and staying indoors; it should involve spending time outside in your lot to enjoy the outdoors and grill, exercise, or even just lounge about. This space should be your personal home away from home, beyond the confines of your rig; so if you find a park with spacious sites, it can feel like you never left your real home in the first place. We have found its not very pleasant when you’re tightly packed together with other rigs, so make sure you check how much space you’re actually being allotted when you visit a new RV park. Many campgrounds now offer maps of their properties online – its well worth the time to check it out in advance.

Full Hookup Stations

Hookups refer to amenities that the RV park offers. Not all parks offer these, as they might be promoting a more “primitive” experience, while some offer a few extras like cable TV and Wi-Fi. However, the basics are water, electric, and sewer hookups. If you’re on a budget but would still like to feel at home and as comfortable as possible, these essentials will usually be enough. Connecting to these basic hookups is quite simple, as seen in this video:

Laundry Facilities

You might be thinking of buying your own washer and dryer for the RV. However, this takes up space you could have allotted for other things – not to mention that it would only be able to handle a small load. Unfortunately, this often leads to people hogging the laundry machines at RV parks. If you lack alternatives, you need to ensure that the RV park you visit has adequate laundry facilities – enough machines to service their guests, and machines that actually work. This gives you less to worry about while you’re on the road. Some places even offer entertainment while you wait for your laundry – a great plus!

Everyone has their own preferred style of RV camping. Whether you are new or have been doing this for some time, you can check our articles and videos on different types of camping sites that you can try on your next trip.

A perfect example of what we have covered today is the Route 66 RV Resort in New Mexico.

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