2018: Nov 11-17

STOP #1: Jack Daniels Distillery, 133 Lynchburg Hwy, Lynchburg TN

Russ has been looking forward to this part of our travels for a long time as he finally gets to visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery!  Russ was able to take the Angel’s Share tour – a 90 minute in-depth tour of the distillery which included a tasting of 5 of their signature whiskeys. Russ showed amazing restraint and didn’t buy his favorite, the  Sinatra Select but after hearing him rave about it, my curiosity is piqued and someone may just get it for Christmas just so I can try it too!

Tours run every day 9am- 4:30pm **Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Easter**

STOP #2:  We arrived safe and sound at my father’s property in Hartsville, TN. After getting all set up, we ran into a bit of an issue as the cold weather dipped below 30. The furnace started blowing cold air and nothing in the manual helped. Thanks once again to members on Facebook, Russ found the reset switch and got us up and running!

STOP #3:  Mending Fences Cowboy Church  https://www.mfcctn.org/

We were honored to be invited to the Mending Fences Cowboy Church on Veteran’s Day. Words cannot really capture how wonderful an experience this was! Please watch the video…that song gets me every time!

We’re just getting starting in Tennessee so keep an eye out next Saturday for Part II of our Tennessee Travels!

3 thoughts on “2018: Nov 11-17”

  1. Thank you! That song gets us every time. Lee Greenwood actually performed at Lackland AFB in the early 90’s while we were both going through USAF training so it really brings forth the emotions. As for the furnace, it took us a few moments to figure it out from the written instructions online and we felt showing exactly where it was might be useful for others. Russ truly appreciates the feedback on the editing too!

  2. Great job with editing the video. The cowboy church is interesting and I do love the song. I’m happy to learn about the furnace reset button and glad it worked for you the second time around.

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