Tiny Home Tips: How to maximize your space in a tiny home or RV

There are many approaches, steps and practices when it comes to maximizing your space when living tiny. We’ve boiled it down to two tiny home tips to consider when making any upgrade, modification or hacks to your RV, trailer or tiny home and then we will show you examples on how we have applied them to our Little Guy Max travel trailer.

Tip #1: Reduce Clutter

Easier said than done, right? You would think being in a tiny space would make it easier to keep things looking nice because the space is….well, smaller. Smaller space equals smaller mess? Quite the opposite! In a small space, even one thing out of place can ruin the look and feel of your environment.

Tip #2: Easy access

Keeping items within easy reach is key and use your vertical space! This holds especially true for items you use regularly. It can be tempting to cram as much as you can into every nook and cranny so you can keep your ‘stuff’. But…. if you have to pull ten things out every time you need to get something, you’re frustration will start to build.

Maximizing your space: putting it into practice

We live in a whopping 126 sq ft with three dogs. We used to think we had things figured out when we did A Day in The Life in our Little Guy Max post, but we have made some pretty significant changes since then that have made life even better in our small space. These are some of the things we have done to maximize our space.

Here’s a closer look at the items in the video:

Lagun table mount and new tabletop from Ikea transforms the dinette area and maximizes space

  • Opens up more leg room
  • Tabletop easily moves out of the way
  • Table can also easily be raised and used as a stand-up workstation
  • Table can be lowered so dinette can still be used as a bed
  • Smaller tabletop size provides more room (tip: think outside the box…our tabletop is from an Ikea nesting table set. The odd shape provides the space we need but more flexibility in the space).
tiny home tips
Above: original table
Maximizing space with a Lagun table mount
Lagun mount and Ikea tabletop provide more room

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Not a fan of glass shower doors?

If your shower door is glass, using a frosted or decorative film over the glass makes the area more visually appealing.

A vertical toothbrush station

Good for any bathroom, but particularly in a wetbath that does not have a sink or counter space, this area keeps everything you need up and out of the way and easy to reach.

Hooks and a towel ‘hack’!

Use your vertical space to keep clutter at bay! We used some decorative hooks to hang our towels and keep them close at hand. Did you know that sarongs dry you off just as well as a towel and they dry in a fraction of the time? This helps reduce that moldy smell and also takes up much less space.

Eliminate all those bottles with a bathroom shower dispenser

Our tiny wetbath doesn’t have a storage cabinet or shelf to store our toiletries. We used to keep them in bins in one of our cabinets in the main living area, but it was a hassle to always remember to dig them out, carry them into the shower and then try to figure out where to keep them during a shower. That problem is solved with this wall-mount shower dispenser. Now our soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotions are all a press of a button away!

Keep it off the counter with a kitchen soap dispenser

When counter space is a premium, control the clutter by mounting a soap dispenser. Keeping ours close to the sink allows quick and easy access to wash dishes as well as your hands. Bonus tip: Use a product like Dr. Bonner’s soap which is multi-purpose as well as environmentally friendly.

Save space (and broken dishes) with these durable kitchen items

Everything we need for plates, bowls, cups and utensils fit easily into one small drawer. If you are looking for dishes for your RV, remember they get bounced around a lot during travel. We opted for stainless steel set from Wealers as they are durable and stack into a nice carry bag, which reduces them moving around as we travel. We each have a pack that holds our utensils, which makes it easy to set up at mealtime as well as storage.

Dedicated (hidden) trash area a must

No one likes to look at trash and we have no idea why most RVs don’t have a dedicated space for it. For the first six months, we would use small plastic grocery bags and hung them on the door. Not only was it unsightly, but the dogs would often go after it. Install a small trash bin on a pull-out tray and you won’t regret it.

The dreaded east/west or corner bed issue solved: maximizing your space to another level

Everyone we have ever talked to that has an east/west or corner bed (beds that have one side against the wall) all agree that they are a pain to make. We agree. Now throw in the dreaded pet hair on a bed that is difficult to make and it can be enough to make you say “I give up”. You are not destined to have a messy, hairy bed…..

We covered our mattress with this indoor/outdoor daybed cover set from ProlineMax. The dogs jump on it to their hearts content all day and all I have to do is brush it off. Muddy feet? Just wipe it off. No messy bed to look at all day. In the large pillows we store our bedding. Bonus?? We store extra jackets and blankets in the long bolster pillows!

Part II of the bedding solution. When it’s time to go to bed, we pull out our sleeping bag from Sylvansport from one pillowcase and our pillows from the other. Not only does this help manage pet hair on our bedding, it takes two minutes to set up the bed and two minutes to put it all away.

What ideas have you had to reduce clutter while keeping things easy to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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