How we check the torque on our Little Guy Max and the tools we use

As we mentioned in VLOG #10 we put together a video on how to check your torque on the Little Guy Max. We have seen online that people were wondering what tools to get and whether or not you had to have a lot of upper body strength to do it.  This video will show you what tools we use and I even stepped in and gave it a shot – very easy, trust me!

UPDATE 11/25/2018: We followed the directions as outlined in our 2018 User Manual setting torque to 110-120 ft/lbs. It has been brought to our attention that in an August bulletin, it recommends 100 ft/lbs. We have an inquiry into Liberty Outdoors and are waiting for verification on the right setting and will update here as soon as we hear back.

UPDATE 11/30/2018: Liberty Outdoors responded to my request and said they have updated their instructions and you should set your torque wrench to 100 ft/lbs.

Watch the video and we will put links to the tools below. Let us know if you have any questions!

3/8 Inch Drive 20ft lb to 100 ft lb click Torque Wrench

Kobalt 337834 3/8-Inch Drive x 13/16-Inch Spark Plug Socket

Kobalt 337350 3/8-Inch Drive x 3 inch long wobble extension bar

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