Considering a Little Guy Max? Read This

Choosing an RV can be a daunting process. In our post Finding the Perfect RV, we provided tips to help you narrow down the list. Now it’s time to take the next step.

Dealing with a hot RV market

RV sales are hot with no immediate end in sight. Many buyers have been committing to a purchase sight unseen as the units they are looking for have to be ordered. Units are leaving lots as soon as they arrive. Plan ahead and be prepared for this situation. This can cause a bit of apprehension, but informing yourself as much as possible before making a commitment will help immensely.

Our experience in the Little Guy Max

We bought our Little Guy Max in 2018. This was our first RV and we dove straight in to working on the road and traveling full-time. After six months, we had gained enough confidence and were curious about whether or not a larger rig would suit our needs better and tried a used class A. We decided our initial instincts were correct and we went back to our Little Guy Max. This gave us a good frame of reference when considering the pros and cons of our trailer. We use it more than the average user and have really put it through its paces.

Deciding what is most important

The biggest lesson (and often the most difficult) to learn is what features are most important to you and what can you live with? If you can find an RV that has everything you love and nothing you dislike – great! But you’ll often find its a matter of compromise.

The best and the worst features of the Little Guy Max

Here it is. We are laying it out as we see it to help you make a more informed decision.


If you are considering a Little Guy and still have questions, let us know!

3 thoughts on “Considering a Little Guy Max? Read This”

  1. Thanks for your great YouTube video on the features of the Little Guy Max. I am considering buying my first camper trailer and am heavily leaning toward the LGM. I’m thinking about buying new, but in your video, you mentioned several repairs you needed during the “breaking in” period. What specifically, did you have to deal with? Thanks for any input you can provide–safe travels!

  2. With the new Lagun table, can you still make the front table area into a bed.

  3. we bought a 2018 little guy max and love most of it. We find the things we don’t like the same as you, and your utube videos are a blessing. We noticed you carry a portable grey tank. Any chance you would share how you secure it to the trailer? Coming to you from Alberta Canada.

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